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2500 Appendix T2

Safety Warden Appointment, Training, and Support



1.0          Purpose


This appendix provides the process steps for appointing, training, and supporting an area Safety Warden.


2.0          Scope


Jefferson Lab Safety Wardens are appointed because of their expertise in an area’s use issues.  They are expected to be readily available to assist in facilitating resolutions to safety issues within the assigned area; therefore it is of benefit to nominate an individual who works within the area.


The process steps for this procedure are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 2500 Safety Warden Program.


3.0          Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1            Everyone at Jefferson Lab

·       Request support from the Division Safety Officer to determine sufficient Safety Warden resources for a given area.

·       Request a mitigation determination for facility and equipment safety concerns from the Safety Wardens assigned to an area.

·       Cooperate with your area Safety Warden in resolving safety issues.


3.2            Safety Warden

·       Qualifications Include:

o   Employed at Jefferson Lab for at least six months.

o   Successful completion of SAF901 Safety Warden Training, and SAF108 Fire Safety Training, and area specific training as required.

o   Know the hazards associated with their assigned area.

o   Medically capable of carrying out assigned duties.

o   Perform the majority of their work in the assigned area.


3.3            Safety Warden’s Supervisor

·       Recommend qualified candidates for the Safety Warden program.

·       Update appointed Safety Warden’s Skills Requirement List (SRL) and performance measures to reflect responsibilities.


3.1            Safety Warden Coordinator

·       Oversee the on-site safety warden training program.

·       Determine need for area Safety Warden and coordinate candidate recommendations.

·       Maintain master list of Safety Wardens ensure all areas are represented. 


3.2            Division Safety Officer (DSO)

·       Support the Safety Warden appointed to areas for which the division is responsible, regardless of Safety Warden’s affiliated division.


3.3            Associate Directors and Division Managers

·       Confirm appointments of all Safety Wardens and the areas assigned, regardless of division affiliation.


3.4            ESH&Q Associate Director

·       Meet with all Safety Wardens annually – reinforce program requirements, recognize accomplishments, share lessons learned, etc.

·       Act as ultimate arbitrator for inter-division ES&H related issues.


4.0          Process Steps


Responsibilities for each process step are outlined within the procedure.


4.1            Appointment


Anyone at Jefferson Lab may request a Safety Warden determination review for an area of concern.


Step 1:          Contact the Safety Warden Coordinator and provide the following information:

·       Area of concern

·       Area activities

·       Posted hazards or training requirements.


Step 2:          Area Review the Safety Warden Coordinator reviews the area of concern:

·       Discusses concern with area and work supervisors.

·       Requests nominations from supervisors (ensuring qualifications are met, and the candidate is willing to perform the required responsibilities). 

·       Coordinates an agreeable candidate for the area. 


NOTE:  Safety Warden Coordinator may recommend a currently appointed Safety Warden, particularly if the area poses minimal concern.


Step 3:          Nomination the Safety Warden Coordinator brings the candidate to Associate Directors/Division Managers for approval.  The following information is provided:

·       Name of individual

·       Division/Department affiliation

·       Area of concern

·       Area activities


Step 4:          Confirmation upon Associate Director/Division Manager approval

·       The Safety Warden Coordinator performs the following:

o   Informs the individual and affected supervisor(s) of the assignment.

o   Updates the Safety Warden Master List.


·       The Safety Warden’s Supervisor performs the following:

o   Updates the individuals SRL to reflect the new requirements.

o   Ensures adequate time is allocated for training and inspection activities.


·       The Safety Warden performs the following:

o   Commits to perform inspections at determined intervals.


4.2            Training


Upon confirmation the Safety Warden performs the following process steps:


Step 1:          Schedule Training:

·       SAF901 Safety Warden Training – through the Safety Warden Coordinator

·       SAF108 Fire Safety Training through the Fire Protection Engineer

·       Other training – as required for the hazards associated with the assigned area. (See http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/poc.pdf for a listing of potential courses.)  This would include review of relevant Work Control Documents having area or equipment hazard mitigation requirements.


Step 2:          Update Skills Requirements List (SRL) – Upon successful completion of the course, each trainer will update the Safety Warden’s SRL in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 4200 ES&H Training Overview.


Equivalent Training Determination

The Safety Warden Coordinator has the authority to make Safety Warden training equivalency determinations. 


Step 1:          The Supervisor submits training equivalency requests to the Safety Warden Coordinator.

Step 2:          The Safety Warden Coordinator reviews and determines whether the training is equivalent to that of Jefferson Lab’s requirements, and provides a determination back to the Supervisor.

Step 3:          The Supervisor updates the individual’s SRL to reflect the determination.


4.3            Support (Conflict Resolution):


When a difference of opinion regarding the appropriate mitigation of a hazard arises a Safety Warden has the following support options.


NOTE: In any situation all individuals at Jefferson Lab have the responsibility, and authority, to stop work when conditions appear to pose a hazard.  See ES&H Manual Chapter 3330 Stop Work and Re-Start for Safety Program.


Option 1:        Bring the issue to the attention of the area supervisor. 

·       Most hazards brought to the attention of the Safety Warden can be adequately rectified though the Safety Warden Inspection Procedure and a Facilities Management Work Request. 

·       If the issue is not adequately addressed through the Safety Warden Inspection Procedure, the issue is to be brought to the direct attention of the area supervisor.


Option 2:        Bring the issue to the attention of the Safety Warden Coordinator.

·       The Safety Warden brings the concern to the attention of the Safety Warden Coordinator who discusses the issue and coordinates with subject matter experts across the lab to provide solutions that may be suitable to the situation.


Option 3:        Bring the issue to the attention of the appropriate Division Safety Officer.

·       Jefferson Lab has assigned Division Safety Officers with the overarching responsibility of overseeing their division’s Safety Warden Program.

·       When a situation cannot be resolved to the mutual agreement of concerned individuals, it is brought to the attention of the Division Safety Officer(s) for resolution.

·       If further arbitration is required the Associate Director – ESH&Q is notified of the concern for a final determination.


5.0          Revision Summary


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