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3000 - Planning for Safe Operations

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3110  Facility Design and Modification Review
3110  Appendix T1 New and Modification to Existing Facility Design Review Procedure
3120  The CEBAF Experiment Review Process
3130  FEL Experiment Safety Review Process
3130  Appendix T1 FEL Experiment Safety Approval Form -- Instructions | Click for Word document
3130  Appendix T2 FEL Lasing Operation Plan Form -- Instructions | Click for Word document
3210  Work Planning, Control, and Authorization Process
3210  Appendix T1 Work Planning, Control, and Authorization Procedure
Task Hazard Analysis (THA) Worksheet  | Click for Word document
3210  Appendix T3 Risk Code Assignment
3310  Operational Safety Procedure Program
3310  Appendix T1 Operational Safety Procedure (OSP) and Temporary OSP Procedure
  Operational Safety Procedure Form | Click for Word Document
3320  Temporary Work Permits
3330  Stop Work and Re-Start for Safety Program
3330  Appendix T1 Suspend Work for Safety Procedure
3330  Appendix T2 Stop Work Order for Safety Procedure
3330  Appendix T3 Stop Work Order for Safety Worksheet | Click for Word document
3330  Appendix T4 Work Re-Start Procedure
3410  ES&H Aspects of Procurements
3410  Appendix T1 Mitigation Requirements for Hazard Issues relating to Equipment and Material Procurements
3410  Appendix T2 Mitigation Requirements for Hazard Issues involving Service and Construction Procurements
3510  Emergency Response Activities
3510  Appendix T1 Emergency Response Procedures
3510  Appendix T2 Emergency Response Drills/Exercises
3510  Appendix T3 Tornado Response Procedure
3510  Appendix T4 Review of Emergency Procedures
3510  Appendix T5 Active Threat Emergency Procedure
3510  Appendix T6 Response to Chemical Spills
3510  Appendix T7 Accounting for Employees During a Catastrophic Emergency
3700  Safety Observation Program
3700  Appendix T1 Safety Observation Procedure
3700  Appendix T2 Safety Observation Report Procedure
3800  Human Subjects Research (HSR) Protection Program

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