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3510 Appendix T3

Department Emergency Procedure Development



1.0             Purpose


Jefferson Lab encourages every department to produce emergency plans and procedures that consider the unique configuration of the area under its authority. This appendix provides the accepted method for developing and reviewing of emergency procedures to ensure compatibility with other processes. All emergency procedure are evaluated and accepted by the Emergency Manager prior to implementation.


2.0             Scope


Jefferson Lab’s Emergency Management Plan, Section 13.2, Program Maintenance, requires that the Emergency Manager review all department and area emergency procedures to ensure compliance with the laboratory’s overall policy. 


The process steps for this procedure are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 3510 Emergency Response Activities.


3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:     Management authority may be delegated at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR)/Sponsor

·         Ensure department emergency procedures are developed and reviewed appropriately.


3.2              Emergency Manager

·         Evaluate department emergency procedures to ensure compatibility.


4.0             Process Steps

Figure 1 – Emergency Procedure Development Steps illustrates the process outlined.


4.1              Develop  


                                                   Step 1            Include the following:

o   Title of document

o   Revision #

o   Name of document owner (coordinate with supervisor to determine owner)

o   Document location

o   Release date

o   Review required date

o   Page numbers (page # of #)


                                                   Step 2            Write procedure(s), considering the following (not all inclusive):

o   Triggers

o   Controls

o   Actions

o   Recovery

o   Level of emergency

o   Notification

o   Reporting

o   Responsibilities


                                                   Step 3            Submit procedure(s) to supervisor for review.


4.2              Review


An emergency procedure is reviewed initially to ensure accuracy and relevance; then, periodically, in order to incorporate new conditions in an area, or to reflect current laboratory operations. Documents are reviewed in accordance with department procedures, but at a minimum, every five years. 


                                                   Step 1            Review procedure(s) for accuracy and relevance. 



Emergency Procedure is:


Accurate, relevant, and meets minimum requirements.

Submit to Emergency Manager for evaluation.

Inaccurate, irrelevant, or does not meet minimum requirements.

Return to document owner for correction, or deletion.


4.3              Evaluate


                                                   Step 1            Evaluate procedure(s) to ensure coordination with the overall emergency management program.



Emergency Procedure is:



Return to document owner for incorporation into department’s process.


Provide feedback to document owner.


Figure 1 – Emergency Procedure(s) Development Steps


5.0             Revision Summary


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Revision 0.0 – 03/23/13 – Written to reflect Jefferson Lab’s Emergency Management Plan, Section 13.2, Program Maintenance








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