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6000 - Topical Programs, Directives, and Procedures

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6100 Industrial | 6200 Electrical Safety | 6300 Ionizing Radiation | 6400 Non-Ionizing Radiation
6500 Cryogenics & ODH | 6600 Industrial Hygiene | 6800 Occupational Medicine | 6900 Fire

6105  Office Safety
6105  Appendix T1 Office Safety Requirements
6106  Ergonomics Program
6106  Appendix T1 Office Ergonomics Guidelines
6106  Appendix T2 Industrial Ergonomics Guidelines
6106  Appendix T3 Risk Assessment and Safety Controls for Safe Lifting
6110  Hazardous Energy Control (HEC) Program
6110  Appendix T1 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedure (Simple and Complex)
6110  Appendix T2 Special Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedures
6110  Appendix T3 Group Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedure
6110  Appendix T4 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Zero Energy and Zero Voltage Verification
6110  Appendix T5 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Forms
6110  Appendix T6 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Locks, Tags, and Devices List
6111  Administrative Control Using Locks and Tags
6111  Appendix T1 Administrative Control Using Locks and Tags Procedure
6112  Interlock Bypass Program
6112  Appendix T1 Interlock Bypass Procedure
6120  Portable Hand Tool Safety
6120  Appendix T1 Portable Hand Tool Safe Practices
6120  Appendix T2 Storage, Inspection, Maintenance, and Disposal of Portable Hand Tools
6121  Machine Tools
6121  Appendix T1 Safe Operation of Machine Tools
6122  Hot Work (i.e. Welding, Cutting, Brazing, and Grinding) Safety Program
6122  Appendix T1 Hot Work Station Set-up and Safe Operating Procedures (Includes Oxygen/Fuel Safety)
6122  Appendix T2 Hot Work Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
6122  Appendix T3 Inspection of Welding and Cutting Equipment
6122  Appendix T4 Hot Work Area Posting Requirements
6122  Appendix T5 Hot Work Ventilation/Respiratory Requirements
6131  Fall Protection Systems
6131  Appendix T1 Passive Fall Protection Systems
6131  Appendix T2 Active Fall Protection Systems
6131  Appendix T3 Fall Protection for Work on Low Slope Roofs
6131  Appendix T4 Fall Protection Permit - Instructions
  Fall Protection Permit Form: Click for Word document
  Qualified Persons: List
6132  Ladder and Scaffold Safety
6132  Appendix T1 Ladders
6132  Appendix T2 Scaffolds
6132  Appendix T3 Ladder Use on Scaffold or Elevated Platform
6132  Appendix T4 Scaffold Inspection Procedure
  Scaffold Inspection Form: Click for Word Document
  Scaffold Status Color Sheets: Click for Document
6140  Material Handling Equipment Program
6140  Appendix T1 Training Requirements for Material Handling Equipment
6140  Appendix T2 Procurement of Material Handling Equipment
6140  Appendix T3 Inspection and Maintenance Procedure for Material Handling Equipment
6140  Appendix T4 Access Restrictions to Material Handling Equipment
6141  Material Handling Equipment Program - Rigging, Cranes, and Hoists
6141  Appendix T1 Training Requirements - Overhead Crane/Hoist Operators and Rigging
6141  Appendix T2 Procurement Requirements Related to Overhead & Mobile Cranes, Hoists, and Rigging
6141  Appendix T3 Inspection Procedures - Overhead & Mobile Cranes, Hoists, and Rigging
  Wire Rope Inspection Report Form: Click for Word Document
6141  Appendix T4 Hoisting and Rigging Operations (Including Planning a Lift)
  Jefferson Lab Lift Plan Form: Click for Word Document
6141  Appendix T6 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices
  Material Handling Device Engineering Note: Click for .PDF Document
6145  Material Handling Equipment - Forklifts and Attachments
6145  Appendix T1 Training Requirements - Forklift Operators and Attachments
6145  Appendix T2 Procurement Requirements - Forklifts and Attachments
6145  Appendix T3 Inspection and Maintenance Requirements - Forklifts and Attachments
6145  Appendix T4 Use of Forklifts
6145  Appendix T5 Use of Forklift Attachments and Lift Devices
6145  Appendix T6 Forklift Daily Check List
6146  Material Handling Equipment - Non-Emission (Battery Operated or Manually Propelled) Equipment (Tunnel Vehicles)
6146  Appendix T1 Authorized Use of Tunnel Vehicles
6147  Material Handling Equipment - Aerial Work Platforms
6147  Appendix T1 Training Requirements - Aerial Work Platforms
6147  Appendix T2 Procurement Requirements - Aerial Work Platforms
6147  Appendix T3 Use of Aerial Work Platforms
6150  Gas Cylinder Safety - Storage, Movement, and Labeling
6150  Appendix T1 Gas Cylinder Storage
6150  Appendix T2 Moving Gas Cylinders from Building Storage to Work Area
6150  Appendix T3 Gas Cylinder Labeling
6151  Pressure and Vacuum Systems Safety Program
6160  Confined Space Program
6160  Appendix T1 Listing of Permit-Required Confined Space Locations
6160  Appendix T2 Identification and Classification of Permit-Required Confined Space (PRCS) | click for Classification Form
6160  Appendix T3 Entry Procedure for Permit Required Confined Space (PRCS) | click for Confined Space Entry Permit
6160  Appendix T4 Alternate Entry Procedure for Permit-Required Confined Space (PRCS)| click for Alternate Entry Certification form
6200  Jefferson Lab's Electrical Safety Program
6210 Electrical Safety Manual - Electrical Safe Work Practices
6220 Electrical Safety Manual - Non-NRTL Equipment Design and Construction
6230 Electrical Safety Manual - Appendices
6310  Protection from Ionizing Radiation
6410  Laser Safety Program
6410  Appendix T1 Laser Operational Safety Procedure | click for Word Form
6410  Appendix T2 Laser Requisitioning and Purchasing Requirements
6410  Appendix T3 Laser Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
6410  Appendix T4 Laser Alignment Activities
6410  Appendix T5 Laser Control Inspection Checklist | click for Word Form
6410  Appendix T6 Laser Labeling/Posting Requirements
6410  Appendix T7 Laser Safety -- Student Mentor Responsibilities
6420  Non-Ionizing Radiant Energy (i.e.: Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave, and Static Magnetic Fields)
6420  Appendix T1 Radio Frequency Survey
6420  Appendix T2 Operational Safety Procedure Development for Qualifying Static Magnetic Fields
6420  Appendix T3 Engineering and Administrative Controls for Magnetic and RF - Including Posting Requirements
6420  Appendix T4 Medical Monitoring for Static Magnetic Field Exposure
6540  Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) Control Program
6540  Appendix T1 ODH Safety Review
6540  Appendix T2 ODH Classifications, Engineering and Administrative Control Practices, Training, and Medical Exclusions
6540  Appendix T3 ODH Emergency Response Procedure
6540  Appendix T4 ODH Risk Assessment
6550  Cryogenic Safety Program
6550  Appendix T1 Required Personal Protective Equipment for Cryogen Work
6550  Appendix T2 Response to Personal Cryogen Exposure
6550  Appendix T3 Emergency Response to Uncontrolled Cryogen Release
6610  Chemical Hygiene
6610  Appendix T1 Safety Data Sheets
6610  Appendix T2 Chemical Requisitioning and Receiving
6610  Appendix T3 Chemical Labeling, Storing, and Transporting Requirements
6610  Appendix T4 Requirements for the Safe Use of Chemicals
6610  Appendix T5 Chemical Personal Protective Equipment and Associated Control Measures
6610  Appendix T6 Response to Chemical Over-Exposure
6610  Appendix T7 - moved to 3510T6 Emergency Response to Chemical Spills
6610  Appendix T8 Chemical Waste Control
6620  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program
6620  Appendix T1 Selecting, Acquiring, Training, and Caring for Personal Protective Equipment
6620  Appendix T2 Types, Description, and Use of Personal Protective Equipment
6630  Respiratory Protection Program
6630  Appendix T1 Engineering Controls - Local and Portable Exhaust Systems
6630  Appendix T2 Respirator Use and Approval Requirements
  Respirator Use/Medical Approval Form: Click for form
6640  Hearing Conservation Program
6640  Appendix T1 High Noise Exposure Assessment
6640  Appendix T2 High Noise Hazard Controls
6640  Appendix T3 High Noise Posting Requirements
6650  Unbound Engineered Nanoparticle Program
6650   Appendix T1 Minimum Mitigation Requirements for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles
6650   Appendix T2 Emergency Procedure for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles
6660  Hazardous Material Transport
6670  Thermal Stress
6670   Appendix T1 Heat Stress Mitigation
6670   Appendix T2 Cold Stress Work Procedure
6680  Lead Program
6680   Appendix T1 Lead Work Requirements
6680   Appendix T2 Lead Handling Personal Protective Equipment and Other Related Personal Protective Measures
6680   Appendix T3 Lead Use and Storage Areas - Including Posting Requirements
6680   Appendix T4 Lead Clean-up, Disposal, and Recycle Procedures
6680   Appendix T5 Procurement Requirements Related to Lead
6682  Beryllium Article Control and Handling
6683  Silica Safety Program
6683   Appendix T1 Silica Work Requirements
6800  Occupational Medicine
6800   Appendix T1 Medical Monitoring
6800   Appendix T2 Injuries and Illnesses Requiring First Aid or Emergency Medical Response
6800   Appendix T3 Protection from Bloodborne Pathogens
6800   Appendix T4 Regulated Medical Waste Management
6800   Appendix T5 Contract Staff Employee Medical Monitoring
6900   Fire Protection Program Summary
6900   Appendix T1 Fire Protection: Hot Work Permit - Instructions
Hot Work Permit Form / Click for Word Document

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