ES&H Manual



6140 Appendix T2

Procurement of Material Handling Equipment



1.0            Purpose


Jefferson Lab requires that material handling equipment procurements, leases; and related repair and maintenance services follow the requirement provided in this document. Relevant items include:


·         Forklifts,

·         Aerial Work Platforms,

·         Attachments,

·         Rigging hardware and below-the-hook lifting devices,

·         Cranes,

·         Leased equipment, and

·         Hoists,

·         Subcontracted services.


2.0            Scope


The process steps listed below apply to material handling equipment or services, purchased, leased, used by, or on behalf of Jefferson Lab.


P-Cards are not permitted to be used for material handling equipment purchases without approval of the Material Handling Manager (MHM) and the P-Card Administrator.


Process steps are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Material Handling Equipment Program


3.0            Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Requisitioner/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR)

·         Implement Jefferson Lab’s requirements and standards as listed within this procedure.


3.2              Procurement Department

·         Ensure compliance with DOE-STD 1090-2007 Appendix A Procurement Guidelines prior to purchasing material handling equipment.

·         Ensure material handling equipment safety requirements are included in subcontract document when material handling equipment is identified (use of Account Code 043-028).

·         Ensure the MHM has approved purchase requisitions for material handling equipment and its associated equipment.


3.3              Material Handling Manager (MHM)

·         Performs duties as defined within the Process Steps.


4.0            Process Steps


Step 1:             Purchase Requisition

·         Use Jefferson Lab’s approved requisitioning system.

·         Use Account Code 043-028 – “Material Handling Supplies and Equipment” to purchase material handling equipment, supplies, attachments, or maintenance services. 


Step 2:             Purchase Specifications

·         See ES&H Manual Chapter 6141 Appendix T2 Procurement Requirements Relating to Overhead & Mobile Cranes, Hoists, and Rigging for procurements relating to rigging, cranes and hoists.

·         See ES&H Manual Chapter 6145 Appendix T2 Procurement Requirements – Forklifts and Attachments for procurements relating to forklifts and attachments.

·         See ES&H Manual Chapter 6147 Appendix T2 Procurement Requirements – Aerial Lift Platforms for procurements relating to aerial lift platforms.

·         If subcontract employees will be processed through the Jefferson Lab Employee Job Task Analysis (EJTA) Process, it is required that they receive medical monitoring prior to commencement of work. (See ES&H Manual Chapter 6800 Appendix T5 Subcontract Employee Medical Monitoring for the requirements of this monitoring program.)


Step 3:             Receipt

·         Requisitioner/SOTR ensures that the MHM is notified when new, leased, or subcontractor-provided material handling equipment, attachments, or below-the-hook lifting devices arrive on-site, in accordance with Jefferson Lab’s Receiving Inspection and Acceptance Testing Procedure.


Step 4:             Inspection

·         MHM ensures the equipment complies with the requirements of referenced standards of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 


Step 5:             Acceptance (if equipment complies with requirements):

·         MHM informs the Requisitioner or designated owner.

·         The MHM ensures access is appropriately restricted in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T4 Access Restrictions to Material Handling Equipment, and

·         The MHM establishes appropriate training requirements and ensures training is performed in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T1 Training Requirements for Material Handling Equipment.




Non-Acceptance (if equipment that does not comply with requirements):

·         MHM tags and quarantines the equipment to prevent inadvertent use in accordance with the Control of Non-Conforming Material or Products Procedure. 

·         The tag remains in place until the equipment is removed from site or brought into compliance and accepted by the MHM.


5.0            Revision Summary

Revision 1.2 – 12/18/15 – Eliminated two positions previously identified as the MHSR and the MHER, the responsibilities of these positions are now performed by the MHM.

Periodic Review – 12/04/14 – No changes

Revision 1.1 – 11/10/10 – Updated to include aerial work platform requirements

Revision 1.0 – 04/12/10 – Updated to reflect current laboratory operations













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