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6147 Appendix T1

Training Requirements – Aerial Work Platforms



1.0            Purpose


Qualified Aerial Work Platform Operators at Jefferson Lab are approved by their Supervisor, trained on the proper use and operation of the equipment, and authorized access by the Material Handling Manager (MHM). This appendix provides the requirements necessary to be considered a Qualified Aerial Work Platform Operator at Jefferson Lab.


2.0            Scope


Aerial work platform training is subject to the minimum requirements outlined in ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T1 Training Requirements for Material Handling Equipment.


Individuals are trained and authorized by Jefferson Lab’s MHM to operate aerial work platforms on behalf of Jefferson Lab.


Subcontractors are approved to operate aerial work platforms by Jefferson Lab’s MHM on a job-by-job basis. Previous experience, applicability of equipment, and currency of training are all reviewed prior to authorization.


This document is performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Material Handling Equipment Program and ES&H Manual Chapter 6147 Material Handling Equipment – Aerial Work Platforms.


3.0            Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR)/Sponsors

·         Approve individuals to be trained/qualified in the use of aerial work platforms. 


3.1.1        SOTR Also:

·         Notify subcontractors that aerial work platform operator qualifications are reviewed and approved by the MHM prior to commencement of work


3.2              Material Handling Manager (MHM)

·         Administer aerial work platform operator training.

·         Review and approve Qualified Aerial Work Platform Operators equivalency requests.


4.0            Training Requirements


4.1              General Qualifications

·         Be at least 18 years old.

·         Possess a valid state motor vehicle driver’s license.

·         Understand spoken and written English.


4.2              Aerial Work Platform Operator Training

·         Initial TrainingSAF 302 – Aerial Lifts - module from the DuPont eLearning Suite – Administered in Building 28 Support Services Center (SSC),  followed by a practical skills exam conducted in the field using the type of man lift that the worker will be using to accomplish work assignments

o   Following the successful completion of the eLearning module, print the Certificate of Completion offered in the module.

o   Contact the MHM to schedule a time for in the field instruction and a practical skills exam. Provide a copy of your Certificate of Completion.  Allow 2 hours for the field portion of this qualification

o   The MHM will issue a qualification card after successful completion of all portions of this training requirement (on-ling DuPont module + medical monitoring + in field practical skills exam)


·         Refresher Training – Every Three Years

o   Contact the Jefferson Lab Training Manager to obtain guidance and a password for the interactive internet training (SAF 302A – Aerial Work Platform).

o   Contact the MHM to schedule a practical demonstration.


Any instance of unsafe operation, an accident, or a near-miss incident results in disqualification of the operator’s privilege to operate aerial work platforms until retraining is accomplished.


4.3              Medical Monitoring

·         MED01 Medical Monitoring for Hazardous Work – refer to ES&H Manual Chapter 6800 Appendix T1 Medical Monitoring or ES&H Manual Chapter 6800 Appendix T5 Subcontractor Medical Monitoring .


4.4              Equivalency Training

·         The MHM may, at his/her discretion, accept previous aerial work platform training in accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6140 Appendix T1 Training Requirements for Material Handling Equipment.


5.0            Revision Summary


Revision 1.4 – 01/24/18 – Updated TPOC from B.Sperlazza to M.Loewus

Revision 1.3 – 02/09/17 – Updated TPOC from D.Kausch to B.Sperlazza per B.Sperlazza

Revision 1.2 – 12/18/15 – Periodic Review; eliminated two positions previously identified as the MHSR and the MHER, the responsibilities of these positions are now performed by the MHM; changed training requirement in Paragraph 4.2 to accomplish an on-line classroom training module in lieu of live presenter training.

Revision 1.1 – 07/18/11 – Minor updates to comply with improved Web functionality

Revision 1.0 – 09/15/10 – Updated to reflect current laboratory operations 











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