ES&H Manual



6200 Appendix T6

Electrical Authority Having Jurisdiction (EAHJ)



1.0             Purpose


This procedure outlines the responsibilities of the Electrical Authority Having Jurisdiction (EAHJ) position at Jefferson Lab.


2.0             Scope


The EAHJ provides electrical codes clarification or equivalency determinations when requested.


The EAHJ’s authority does not extend to regulation, standards or codes that fall under the regulatory authority of Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) unless incorporated by reference and includes an EAHJ, or similar, provision.


Perform the process steps for this procedure in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 6200 Electrical Safety Program.


3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Anyone at Jefferson Lab

·         Initiate an electrical code clarification or equivalency request to the EAHJ for a determination.


3.2              EAHJ

·         Receive requests for code clarification or equivalency.

·         Provide clarification or equivalency determinations.

·         Standing member of the Electrical Safety Committee.


3.3              Associate Director, ES&H

·         Nominate an individual, in compliance with requirements.

·         Review and approve Electrical Code Equivalency.


3.4              Chief Operating Officer

·         Submit nomination to Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility – Site Office (TJSO) for acceptance. (See Attachment 1 – TJSO Letter of EAHJ Acceptance.)

·         Upon TJSO acceptance, authorize the EAHJ appointment.


4.0             Process Steps


4.1              Receive Request


Step 1.             The EAHJ receives written requests (e-mail) for a Code Clarification or an Electrical Code Equivalency Form for an Equivalency by anyone at Jefferson Lab.

Step 2.             The EAHJ determines the appropriate response following the steps of section 4.2.


4.2              Determine Clarification or Equivalency


Step 1.             Is there a code that applies?

·            If yes go to step 2.

·            If no then provide response to the requestor explaining the determination that no current code applies.


Step 2.             Is there a Formal Interpretation that provides an explanation of the meaning or intent of the Technical Committee on the specific NFPA standard in question?

·            If yes then provide Clarification to the requestor.

·            If no then go to step 3.


Step 3.             Will following the code create additional hazards, increased risk, or be infeasible?

·         If no then provide Clarification to the requestor.

·         If yes then it is an Equivalency.

o    Provide equivalency requirements per ES&H Manual Chapter 6200 Appendix T5 Electrical Code Equivalency Procedure including documenting activities within the Jefferson Lab Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS).


Step 4.             Report Clarification/Equivalency to Electrical Safety Committee for documentation.


5.0             References

·         NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

·         NFPA 70 National Electric Code

·         Occupational Safety and Health Administration

·         DOE Electrical Safety Handbook

6.0             Revision Summary


Revision 1.2 – 02/27/20 – Added TJSO Letter of EAHJ Acceptance dated February 20, 2020

Revision 1.1 – 01/08/19 – Added TJSO Letter of EAHJ Acceptance dated January 8, 2019

Revision 1.0 – 11/14/18 – Deleted reference to NFPA-70E (2004 edition) per CATS# STR-2017-12-06-01; updated Process Steps; deleted 4.3 flowchart letter from TJSO

Periodic Review – 10/05/16 – No changes per TPOC

Revision 0.1 – 11/22/13 – Added letter of acceptance from TJSO

Revision 0.0 – 10/31/13 – New Content to reflect current laboratory operations









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Attachment 1 - TJSO Letter of EAHJ Acceptance