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6410 Appendix T4

Laser Alignment Activities



1.0             Purpose


NOTE: Laser alignment is considered inherently risky. Jefferson Lab has determined that this activity carries an unmitigated Risk Code>2. Laser alignment steps are included within the system’s Laser Operational Safety Procedure (LOSP). Individuals involved in the processes read and sign the LOSP prior to commencement of work and abide by the procedures during work.


2.0             Scope


The requirements of these activities apply to Class 3A/3R, Class 3B, Class 4, and any laser system that incorporates magnifying optics. 


The laser alignment activities addressed in this appendix reflect Jefferson Lab’s minimum safety requirement for alignment of activities. Additional tasks above and beyond these requirements are tailored to fit the particular laser system and are incorporated into the required LOSP. 


The process steps for these activities are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Laser Safety Program.


3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Qualified Laser Workers

·         Perform laser alignment operations only when authorized by the Laser System Supervisor.


3.2              Laser System Supervisor (LSS)

·         Authorize only Qualified Laser Workers to perform laser alignment operations. 

·         Verify and, if acceptable, approve service representative’s qualifications prior to authorizing laser alignment operations.


4.0             Process Steps


Unless otherwise stated all process steps are performed by the LSS or as designated by the specific alignment LOSP.


Step 1:            Preparation

·         Review the LOSP for the specific alignment procedure including manufacturer’s protocol for alignment.

·         Ensure all Qualified Laser Workers assigned to work read, understand and abide by the process steps outlined within the LOSP.

·         Remove unnecessary equipment, tools, and combustible material from the area.

·         Organize all alignment equipment and materials; non-reflective items are recommended.

·         Post a “Notice” sign, when appropriate, at entrances stating entry requirements. See ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Appendix T6 Laser Labeling/Posting Requirements. Entry is limited to “authorized personnel” as designated on the LOSP. 


Step 2:            Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·         Don appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). See ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Appendix T2 Laser Personal Protective Equipment.  Minimum requirements include:

o   Appropriate optical density eye protection, and

o   As called out within the specific alignment LOSP.


Step 3:            Pre-Alignment Activity

·         Use co-axial low power lasers when practical for alignment of the primary beam.

·         Reduce beam power to the lowest power setting practical:

o   Use filters, beam splitters, and dumps, or

o   Reduce power at the power supply. 

·         Ensure no stray hazardous specular reflections are present. 

·         Don protective eyewear. If reduced optical density eyewear is required obtain from LSS.


Step 4:            Beam Control

·         Enclose the beam as much as practical.

·         Close the shutter as much as practical during course adjustments.

·         Secure optics/optics mounts to the table as much as practical.

·         Secure beam stops to the table or optics mounts.

·         Label areas where the beam leaves the horizontal plane where appropriate.

·         Terminate any stray or unused beams.

·         View invisible beams with IR/UV cards, beam viewing devices, or similar technique. 

·         Fire single pulses, or lower repetition rate, to align pulsed lasers when practical.

·         Use cameras or fluorescent devices for intra-beam viewing. Intra-beam viewing by individuals is prohibited at Jefferson Lab. 


Step 5:            Restore to Operating Conditions

·         Restore normal laser hazard controls when the alignment is complete: 

o   Replace enclosures, covers, beam blocks/barriers. 

o   Check affected interlocks for proper operation.


5.0             Revision Summary


Revision 1.2 – 09/05/19 – Updated TPOC form B.Manzlak to P.Collins per B.Rainey

Periodic Review – 12/22/15 – No changes per TPOC

Revision 1.1 – 07/01/14 TPOC changed from D.Owen to B.Manzlak

Revision 1.0 – 12/06/10 – Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.











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