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6410 Appendix T5

Laser Safety Control Inspection –

Checklist Instructions



1.0             Purpose


Laser safety controls for Class 3 and Class 4 lasers are inspected prior to initial start-up and every six months thereafter for the duration of operations. This document provides the minimum process steps for performing this operation 


2.0             Scope


This laser safety control inspection procedure provides the minimum inspection requirements recognized by Jefferson Lab. This does not preclude the responsibility to include additional inspection activities unique to a particular system to ensure the safety of people, equipment, and the environment at Jefferson Lab. 


The process steps for this procedure are performed in coordination with ES&H Manual Chapter 6410 Laser Safety Program


3.0             Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              Laser System Supervisor (LSS)

·         Perform the laser safety control inspection.


4.0             Process Steps


Unless otherwise stated all process steps are performed by the LSS.



4.1              Laser Safety Control Inspection


Step 1:            Perform inspection utilizing the Laser Control Inspection Checklist.  Ensure unique conditions are included and documented on the checklist during inspection activities.


Step 2:            Contact the Fire Protection Engineer to assist with the interlock systems test.


Step 3:            Provide copy of completed checklist to Laser Safety Officer.


Step 4:            Retain original inspection checklist on file in accordance with department procedures.


5.0             Revision Summary


Revision 1.2 – 09/05/19 – Updated TPOC form B.Manzlak to P.Collins per B.Rainey

Periodic Review – 12/22/15 – No changes per TPOC

Revision 1.1 – 07/01/14 – TechPOC changed from D.Owen to B.Manzlak

Revision 1.0 – 12/06/10 – Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.










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