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6650 Unbound Engineered Nanoparticle Program



1.0            Purpose


This chapter defines Jefferson Lab’s Unbound Engineered Nanoparticle (NP) Program consistent with the requirements of 10 CFR 851 and DOE O 456.1.


The field of nanotechnology is rapidly emerging. Much remains unknown about health and environmental effects.


2.0            Scope


Jefferson Lab treats engineered NP as suspect carcinogens. This chapter and its appendices (ES&H Manual Chapter 6650 Appendix T1 Minimum Mitigation Requirements for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles and ES&H Manual Chapter 6650 Appendix T2 Emergency Procedure for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles) define the administrative and engineering controls; transportation requirements; waste management; and emergency procedures necessary to manage environment, safety, and health (ES&H) concerns associated with the operations involved in synthesis, characterization, or manipulation of engineered NP.


Table 1: Required Safety Training by Job Classification

Training Course

Nanoparticle Worker

NP Worker Training



Medical Monitoring for Hazardous Work



* Per ES&H Manual Chapter  6800 Appendix T1 Medical Monitoring


3.0            Responsibilities

NOTE:           Management authority may be delegated at the discretion of the responsible manager.


3.1              NP Worker

·         Complete and maintain appropriate training, certification, and medical monitoring including: NP Worker Training (SAF 119).

·         Obtain authorization from supervisor prior to conducting work.

·         Ensure personal registration as NP worker with Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Medicine.

·         Maintain/write an Operational Safety Procedure (OSP) or Task Hazard Analysis (THA) applicable to the NP activity.


3.2              Supervisor/Subcontracting Officer’s Technical Representative (SOTR)/Sponsors

·         Complete and maintain appropriate training: NP Worker Training (SAF 119)

·         Register NP worker (staff and Users) with Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Medicine.

·         Coordinate necessary handling, storage, and disposal with Industrial Hygiene prior to ordering or synthesizing.

·         Review all work control documents for activities involving NP.


3.3              Industrial Hygiene

·         Complete and maintain appropriate training: NP Worker Training (SAF 119)

·         Maintain the registry of all NP workers and inform Occupational Medicine of new NP workers.

·         Maintain an inventory of activities involving NP in an accessible electronic format.

·         Conduct exposure assessments for all activities involving NP.

·         Monitor the conditions for use of NP in work areas through routine inspections.

·         Provide NP worker training.

·         Review nanoparticle training annually to determine if updates are required.

·         Conducts annual NP registry update and self-assessments to determine compliance with nanotechnology policies and procedures.


3.4              Occupational Medicine

·         In accordance with ES&H Manual Chapter 6800 Appendix T1 Medical Monitoring provides medical monitoring to Jefferson Lab NP workers prior to initial assignment. Minimum requirements include:

o   General physical exam

o   Pulmonary function test

o   General blood work

·         Contacts User NP workers and informs them of Jefferson Lab’s medical monitoring requirements. Occupational Medicine is not required to provide medical monitoring to User NP workers.


4.0            Technical Appendices


4.1              Minimum Mitigation Requirements

All work involving NP is conducted under an OSP or THA which describes the work and indentifies the hazards and controls which are used to mitigate those hazards.  ES&H Manual Chapter 6650 Appendix T1 Minimum Mitigation Requirements for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles is used to establish minimum hazard controls.


4.2              Emergency Procedures

ES&H Manual Chapter 6650 Appendix T2 Emergency Procedures for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles outlines the procedures for responding to an exposure to spill of engineered NP.


5.0            References


·         ES&H Manual Chapter 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List

·         ES&H Manual Chapter 3130 FEL Experiment Safety Review Process and Appendices

·         ES&H Manual Chapter 6610 Chemical Hygiene and Appendices

·         ES&H Manual Chapter 8061 Hazardous Waste Management

·         ES&H Manual Chapter 3210 Appendix T1 Work Planning, Control, and Authorization Procedure


6.0            Revision Summary


Revision 1.0 – 08/17/16 – Periodic Review; formerly titled ‘Engineered Nanoparticle Program’; updated to meet DOE Order 456.1A  

Revision 0.2 – 05/20/14 – Added Required Safety Training Table

Periodic Review – 06/28/13 – Currently no nanoparticle activity; no changes per J.Williams

Revision 0.1 – 03/30/11 – Updated to remove reference to Chemical Assistance Team











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