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Fire Protection Supplement


Text Box: Chapter 13: Fire Protection Staff Qualifications

NOTE:  ES&H Manual Chapter 6900 Fire Protection Program provides Jefferson Lab’s policy statement regarding fire protection.


1.0          Purpose

This document outlines the qualifications of the Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) fire protection staff required by the Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) letter titled: Fire Protection Program Requirements and Delegation of Authority, dated February 26, 2018, Enclosure titled: Contractor Fire Protection Program Requirements, paragraph 4.c. The delegated authorities must be exercised by an individual who is experienced in the field of fire protection. The qualifications of the Jefferson Lab Fire Marshal must be submitted to TJSO.

2.0          Scope

DOE Order 420.1C titled FACILITY SAFETY Chapter II Fire Protection outlines requirements for a comprehensive fire protection program that JSA must provide. The following paragraph from this section identifies the staffing requirements:

Paragraph 3. d. (2) (a) Staffing. The contractor must ensure it has access to qualified, trained fire protection staff (that includes fire protection engineers, technicians, and firefighting personnel) needed to implement the requirements of this chapter. JSA accomplishes the staffing requirements different than the majority of the DOE Office of Science facilities due to the relatively small size of Jefferson Lab and its location within the City of Newport News.

The City of Newport News Fire Department (NNFD) provides the full range of emergency services required to support Jefferson Lab operations and hazards. The capabilities of the NNFD are reviewed periodically and reported in the Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA). The BNA document is available in the Fire Protection folder in Docushare.

The scope of this Supplement is to provide detailed qualifications of the JSA Staff that comprise the fire protection staff.

3.0          Responsibilities


3.1              Fire Marshal   

·         Provides the overall technical guidance for the fire safety of Jefferson Lab facilities and experimental programs.

·         Ensures the Jefferson Lab fire protection program maintains the elements necessary to satisfy the requirements of the JSA contract with DOE for the operation and maintenance of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab).

·         Assumes the authority of the Fire Suppression Technician and Fire Detection Technician in their absence.

·         Accomplishes the day-to-day oversight of fire protection activities necessary to maintain the integrity and readiness of fire protection systems.

·         Manages Fire Marshal activities concerning proposed construction projects and designs at multiple stages in the design process for compliance with fire protection code requirements and site-specific fire protection requirements.


3.2              Safety Wardens

·         Accomplish specific duties that support the fire protection program in addition to a wide range of personnel and property safety assignments.

·         Safety Warden responsibilities are outlined in ES&H Manual Chapter 2500 Appendix T1 Safety Warden Inspection Requirements

4.0             Qualifications


4.1              Fire Marshal: Incumbent – Timothy D. Minga

·         Summary of Education (certificates/registrations and experience):

o   Associate of Applied Science Degree-Fire Science

Thomas Nelson Community College, Newport News, VA.

o   30 year career in the Fire Service

§  46 technical certifications as a professional firefighter

§  20 years Hazardous Materials Response Specialist

§  25 years Certified Fire Inspector

§  13 years Certified Fire Investigator

§  5 years Site Plans Reviewer

·         Narrative of Experience:

o   Mr. Minga brings 35 years of experience as a fire fighter, Certified Fire Investigator, and Certified Fire Inspector to the SME positon of Fire Marshal at JLab.

o   Tim capitalizes on his years of experience in firefighting, fire science, hazardous materials, fire investigation and incident management to focus 100% of his time dedicated to the day-to-day oversight of the JLab Fire Protection Program. His experience and knowledge provide exceptional programmatic value for managing the fire protection program in the constantly changing research environment at Jefferson Lab. From on-site construction, to daily IT&M, to evolving experiment building uses, Tim provides hands-on support in ensuring compliance with JSA/DOE fire protection programmatic requirements.

o   Tim has successfully maintained his Fire Investigator and Fire Inspector certifications from the State Of Virginia since leaving the Newport News Fire Department (NNFD). This, in turn, provides outstanding support and credibility to the site fire protection program and its outstanding relationship with the NNFD.

o   Prior to joining JLab, Tim served as Deputy Fire Marshal, NNFD, City of Newport News, VA.

o   Tim has served as Fire Protection Engineer at Jefferson Lab for 6 years. Tim served as Fire Protection Manager in an interim role for approximately one year after the resignation of the previous manager. Tim was promoted to Fire Marshal in July of 2018 and currently holds that position.

4.2              Fire Suppression Technician: Incumbent – Robert Myles

·         Summary of Education (certificates/registrations and experience):

o   NFPA 13, 25 Sprinkler Courses Huston Texas

o   NFPA 70, Electrical Code Courses Durham N.C

o   NFPA 72, Fire Alarm Courses Hastings, MI

o   POTTER, Alarm and Supervisory Courses St. Louis, MO

o   BFPE – Carbon Dioxide System Clayton, N.C

o   VIKING Sprinkler Corporation Detroit Michigan

o   VICTAULIC, SPRINKLER Courses Easton, PA     


·         Narrative of Experience:

o   Mr. Myles began his career in the pipefitter trade as a union pipefitter helper and progressed to a first class specialist. During the 1980’s, he gained experience in several fire system programs. He maintained systems such as Wet and Dry sprinkler piping, motor controls, AFFF Foam, Hydraulics piping, and CO2 system. Robert was awarded the Models of Excellence award and obtained a U.S Patent.

o   From 2000 through 2005, Robert worked as a foreman with White Oak Semiconductor in Richmond, VA. He maintained the unique equipment required to operating the fire protection program at Fab1 and Fab2 under Colonial Mechanical Corporation. This is where Robert picked obtained his NFPA 13, 25, 70, 70E and 72 training.

o   Upon joining East Coast Fire Protection Company and Fire X in 2005, Robert, shared the fire protection program field responsibilities. He diagnosed fire protection system deficiencies and conduct field inspections. Robert also did testing and maintenance with sub-contractors.

o   Robert also worked in Northern Virginia at Micron Semiconductor Fab as a senior fire protection lead.

o   Upon joining Jefferson Lab, Robert shared the fire protection responsibilities in diagnosing fire alarm and suppression problems.

o   Robert is also a SOTR working with sub-contractors to ensure job safety and completion. Robert also teaches the monthly fire safety class provided to JLab employees.


4.3         Fire Detection Technician: Incumbent – Lee Johnson

·         Summary of Education (certificates/registrations and experience):

o   Associates Degree in Electronics (3.76/4.0 GPA, Magna Cum Laude)

Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas, VA.

o   Maximo Administration and Asset Training (including SIPP Processes)

o   ISA - CCST Level 1 Review Course

o   Echelon – LonWorks Network Design

o   QMI – ISO Internal Auditor 18001

o   QMI – ISO Combined Internal Auditor 9001, 19011 and 14001

o   IBM Project Management Boot Camp

o   IBM Customer Engineer Boot Camp


·         Narrative of Experience:

o   Mr. Johnson began his Fire System Protection Career in 1998 as an equipment technician with Dominion Semiconductor, working with the Life Safety Team testing equipment for fire safety. He also was responsible for parts budget, which included usage and cost. 

o   In 2002, when Micron Technology bought out Dominion Semiconductor, Lee moved over to the life safety team working on fire protection equipment along with gas monitoring systems. He was trained in Siemens, VESDA, Simplex, Scorpio, and Fike equipment. This work included, corrective, predictive and preventive maintenance. Lee also was responsible for coordinating pm’s and maintenance scheduling. Lee also participated in multiple ISO internal audits.

o   Lee was a project manager for Vector Security, specializing in installation of fire and security equipment.

o   Lee has been with Jefferson Lab for 18 months as their Fire Detection Technician.


5.0          References

·         DOE Order 420.1C Facility Safety

·         DOE Standard 1066-2016, Fire Protection

·        TJSO letter titled: Fire Protection Program Requirements and Delegation of Authority, dated February 26, 2018, Enclosure titled: Contractor Fire Protection Program Requirements


6.0          Revision summary


Revision 1.1 – 01/03/19 – Periodic Review; updated TPOC from E.Douberly to T.Minga; updated Responsibilities; updated Qualifications

Revision 1.0 – 03/30/16 – Updated TPOC and Fire Protection Manager from D.Kausch to E.Douberly

Revision 0.0 – 06/10/14 – New content to address Contractor Fire Protection Program Requirements










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