ES&H Manual

Radiation Control Supplement




Appendix 3C

Guidelines for Personnel Monitoring

with Hand-Held Survey Instruments




General Requirements


1.     Verify that the instrument is in service, set to the proper scale, and the audio output can be heard during monitoring.

2.     Hold the probe less than 1/2 inch from surface being surveyed for beta and gamma contamination and approximately 1/4 inch for alpha contamination.

3.     Move the probe slowly over surface, approximately 2 inches per second.

4.     If the count rate increases during monitoring, pause for 5 to 10 seconds over the area to provide adequate time for instrument response.

5.     If the count rate increases to a value greater than a pre-established contamination limit or the instrument alarms, remain in the area and notify Radiological Control personnel.

6.     The whole body monitor should take at least two to three minutes.


Performance of Monitoring:


1.     Monitor the hands before picking up the probe.

2.     Monitor in the following order:

a.     Head (pause at mouth and nose for approximately 5 seconds)

b.     Neck and shoulders

c.      Arms (pause at each elbow)

d.     Chest and abdomen

e.     Back, hips and seat of pants

f.      Legs (pause at each knee)

g.     Shoe tops

h.     Shoe bottoms (pause at sole and heel)

i.       Personnel and supplemental dosimeters.

3.     Return the probe to its holder and leave the area.The probe should be placed on the side or face up to allow the next person to monitor their hands before handling the probe.













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