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Text Box: Chapter 13: Fire Protection Staff Qualifications

NOTE:  ES&H Manual Chapter 6900 Fire Protection Program provides Jefferson Lab’s policy statement regarding fire protection.


1.0         Purpose


This document outlines the qualifications of the Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) fire protection staff required by the Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) letter titled: Fire Protection Program Requirements and Delegation of Authority, dated June 19, 2013, Enclosure titled: Contractor Fire Protection Program Requirements, paragraph 4.c. The delegated authorities must be exercised by an individual who is experienced in the field of fire protection. The qualifications of the JSA Fire Protection Manager must be submitted to TJSO.


2.0         Scope


DOE Order 420.1C titled FACILITY SAFETY Chapter II Fire Protection outlines requirements for a comprehensive fire protection program that JSA must provide. The following paragraph from this section identifies the staffing requirements:


Paragraph 3. d. (2) (a) Staffing. The contractor must ensure it has access to qualified, trained fire protection staff (that includes fire protection engineers, technicians, and firefighting personnel) needed to implement the requirements of this chapter. JSA accomplishes the staffing requirements different than the majority of the DOE Office of Science facilities due to the relatively small size of Jefferson Lab and its location within the City of Newport News.


The City of Newport News Fire Department (NNFD) provides the full range of emergency services required to support Jefferson Lab operations and hazards. The capabilities of the NNFD are reviewed periodically and reported in the Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA). The BNA document is available in the Fire Protection folder in Docushare.


The scope of this Supplement is to provide detailed qualifications of the JSA Staff that comprise the fire protection staff.


3.0         Responsibilities


3.1              Fire Protection Manager

·         Provides the overall technical guidance for the fire safety of Jefferson Lab facilities and experimental programs.

·         Ensures the Jefferson Lab fire protection program maintains the elements necessary to satisfy the requirements of the JSA contract with DOE for the operation and maintenance of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab).

·         Assumes the authority of the FPE and the Fire Protection & Security Technician in their absence.


3.2              Fire Protection Engineer (FPE)

·         Accomplishes the day-to-day oversight of fire protection activities necessary to maintain the integrity and readiness of fire protection systems.

·         Reviews and approves proposed construction projects and designs at multiple stages in the design process for compliance with fire protection code requirements and site-specific fire protection requirements.

·         Assumes the authority of the Fire Protection Manager in his absence.


3.3              Fire Protection & Access Control Technician

·         Maintains the integrity and operability of the various fire protection computer networks and computer equipment.

·         Manages projects for the installation and upgrade of fire protection systems and equipment.

·         Assumes the authority of the FPE in his absence and represents the Fire Protection Manager in the rare occasions that he and the FPE are unavailable.


3.4              Safety Wardens

·         Accomplish specific duties that support the fire protection program in addition to a wide range of personnel and property safety assignments.

·         Safety Warden responsibilities are outlined in ES&H Manual Chapter 2500 Appendix T1 Safety Warden Inspection Requirements


4.0            Qualifications


4.1              Fire Protection Manager: Incumbent – David J. Kausch


·         Summary of education, certificates/registrations and experience:

o   Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering; University of Dayton 1974

o   Certified Fire Protection Specialist; National Fire Protection Association 2001, Certificate No. 1482

o   30 years responsible charge of diverse fire protection engineering work in the hospitality and research environments.

·         Narrative of Experience:

o   Mr. Kausch began employment at the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility in 1995 and took over the Lab’s Fire Protection Program a year later. His fire protection involvement spans 32 years with direct responsibility for life safety and fire protection operations for the past 26 years. Dave has taken advantage of a wide variety of training programs offered by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire protection equipment manufacturers training and training offered by many other providers. 

o   Throughout his employment at Jefferson Lab, Dave has shared his time with several other programs. In addition to fire protection he is the subject matter expert (SME) for elevators and material handling; chair of the Material Handling Sub-Committee; system administrator of the lab’s electronic access control for security; and a former co-chair of the Pressure Systems Committee.

o   The early years of Dave’s engineering career were not directly related to fire protection, but did establish a firm base of quality engineering practices, specification reading, and technical writing for the construction and testing of US Navy nuclear submarines.  He progressed to Senior Test Engineer in 7 years of employment at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, now known as Huntington Ingalls Industries.

o   His first fire protection involvement began in 1982 through employment at the Anheuser Busch Inc. Busch Gardens theme park located in Williamsburg Virginia. Initial responsibilities included modifying park facilities for compliance with Life Safety Code requirements and the early versions of Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.  He became the fire suppression SME and property loss control coordinator working with engineers from Zurich American and Industrial Risk Insurers to achieve and maintain compliance with the requirements of these Anheuser Busch property insurers. As a member of Busch Gardens’ emergency management team, Dave participated in planning and exercises for in-park emergencies and roller coaster evacuations.

o   After 6 years as the Busch Gardens Project Engineer Mr. Kausch transferred employment within the Anheuser Busch Companies to become the Engineering and Maintenance Manager at the Kingsmill Resort and Conference Center. The resort’s conference center and sports club were nearing completion of new construction in 1988. This position brought full responsibility for life safety and fire protection throughout the resort facilities and 400 room condominium style hotel. The Anheuser Busch Golf Classic was annually hosted by the Kingsmill Resort at that time.  Dave’s volunteer position with the golf classic offered an opportunity for intensive application of fire code compliance each year. He was fully cognizant of the location and installation of temporary facilities around the golf course including office trailers, spectator bleachers, tents, television broadcasting towers and power distribution. Dave obtained Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy for all temporary Golf Classic facilities and coordinated code compliance issues through the James City County Code Compliance Official and Fire Marshal’s offices.


4.2   Fire Protection Engineer: Incumbent – Timothy D. Minga


·         Summary of education, certificates/registrations and experience:

o   Associate in Applied Science majoring in Fire Science; Thomas Nelson Community College

o   30 year career in the Fire Service

§  46 technical certifications as a professional firefighter

§  20 years Hazardous Materials Response Specialist

§  25 years Certified Fire Inspector

§  13 years Certified Fire Investigator

§   5 years Site Plans Reviewer

·         Narrative of Experience:

o   In 2010 a new Fire Protection Engineer was hired to share the fire protection program responsibilities. The new FPE, Tim Minga, dedicates 100% of his time to fire protection and brings 35 years of experience as a fire fighter, Certified Fire Investigator, and was the former Deputy Fire Marshal for the City of Newport News prior to his employment at Jefferson Lab.

o   The years of experience he has gained in firefighting, fire science, hazardous materials, fire investigation and incident management offers tremendous value for managing the fire protection program in the constantly changing research environment at Jefferson Lab.

o   Tim has successfully maintained his Fire Investigator and Fire Inspector certifications from the State Of Virginia after leaving the NNFD.


4.3   Fire Protection & Security Technician: Incumbent – John D. Riesbeck


·         Summary of education, certificates/registrations and experience:

o   Currently enrolled in Electrical Engineering Program; Old Dominion University

o   Virginia State Master Electrician License


·         Narrative of Experience:

o   Employment with Jefferson Lab began in 2006. At that time and for the next 4 years, John shared the fire protection program field responsibilities to diagnose fire protection system problems and direct the activities of the Inspection, Testing & Maintenance sub-contractor. Since the arrival of Tim Minga as the FPE, John has devoted a greater portion of his time to managing the electronic access control, video monitoring and video intercom systems.  John remains fully involved with the Jefferson Lab fire protection program and is the lead for maintaining the dedicated fiber optic fire alarm monitoring network and the dedicated copper VESDA network. John is also tasked with leading most of the fire alarm system upgrades and fire alarm control panel replacements.

o   He began his career in the electrical trade as a union electrician and progressed to obtain a Master Electrician certification by 1999. During that time he gained experience and skills with power distribution, motor controls, programmable logic controls, process controls, telecommunications and uninterruptable power systems.

o   From 2000 through 2006, John worked in supervisory rolls with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT); maintaining the unique equipment required to operate the Monitor Merrimack Bridge Tunnel and the James River Bridge. Immediately prior to joining Jefferson Lab, he was maintenance supervisor for the City of Poquoson City School system where his responsibilities spanned a wide range of facility operations including fire protection and building security. The experience he gained satisfying the demands of teachers, school principals and school board administrators proved to be great preparation for the management style of Jefferson Lab.


5.0         References

·         DOE Order 420.1C Facility Safety

·         DOE Standard 1066-2012 Fire Protection

·        TJSO letter titled: Fire Protection Program Requirements and Delegation of Authority, dated June 19, 2013, Enclosure titled: Contractor Fire Protection Program Requirements


6.0         Revision summary


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