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Chapter 1100 Environment, Safety, and Health Policy

Jefferson Lab is committed to conducting operations in a manner that will provide our employees, users, subcontractors, vendors, and visitors safe and healthy work conditions. To this end, Jefferson Lab considers no activity to be so urgent or important that we will compromise our standards for safety and health of individuals or environmental protection.

For this Policy to be effective, full cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders is paramount and comes with a personal responsibility for health and safety at work.

Jefferson Lab executes this policy by:

  • Implementing a worker safety and health program that recognizes and mitigates hazards through deliberate planning and a hierarchy of controls.
  • Empowering everyone working on site with the responsibility to stop any activity that could endanger people, environment, or property and immediately report injuries or concerns without any fear of retribution.
  • Integrating environment, safety, and health (ES&H) management principles into the planning and execution of work by always:
    • Defining the scope of work;
    • Analyzing the hazards to the worker, the public, and environment;
    • Developing and implementing hazard controls;
    • Performing work within controls; and
    • Providing feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Applying Human Performance Improvement (HPI) principles to better recognize and avoid error likely situations
  • Includingg all levels of the organization in establishing ES&H objectives and targets.
  • Complying with all laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Protecting the environment by applying sound pollution prevention and waste minimization practices.
  • Demonstrating that safety and quality are inextricably linked through:
    • Rigorous self-assessments to identify non-compliances and initiate improvement action
    • Conduct investigations to determine causal factors and corrective actions
    • Incorporate lessons learned and foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning
    • Promote a just culture that strives not to blame, but to understand the reasons why errors occur and reward anticipation and reporting of potential problems, errors and near misses
  • Fostering a culture in which:
    • All workers have the information they need to carry out their work,
    • All are expected to report errors and near-misses,
    • We learn from our mistakes with the goal of improving as an organization, and
    • failures are acknowledged and handled justly.
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