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ES&H Manual
Chapter 1200 Purpose, Scope, and Use
The purpose of the Jefferson Lab Environment, Safety, & Health (ES&H) Manual is to provide clear and uniform ES&H programs, processes, and procedures to enable individuals to effectively implement safe work practices in support of its mission. Drawing on diverse resources within and outside, this manual contains descriptions the of established ES&H programs (chapters) and job-related procedures (appendices) commonly needed to implement safe work practices.

This manual contains programs, processes, and procedures that define Jefferson Lab's commitment to a safety, health and the environment. It is consistent with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and Jefferson Science Associates, LLC's (JSA's) contractual obligations. It addresses identified hazards issues that have been deemed applicable to Jefferson Lab (See ES&H Manual 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List).

When work activities are unable to comply with this manual's requirements as written; introduce a new/anticipated/previously unrecognized hazard issue; or are determined to have an unmitigated Risk Code (RC) of 3 or 4, a formal work control document, known as an Operational Safety Procedure (OSP), is developed to provide hazard mitigation at an acceptable level.

The ES&H Manual is approved by the Laboratory Director and his designees. It is the primary document used to determine ES&H responsibilities. It applies to:
    • Everyone at Jefferson Lab;
    • Managed buildings, and by agreement, tenant-occupied spaces; and
    • Subcontractor activities relevant to Jefferson Lab to the extent referenced within the contract.
Document Control:
    APPROVAL DATE:   05/05/17
    REVIEW DATE:   05/05/22
    Periodic Review - 05/05/17: Periodic review: No changes per TPOC.
    Revision 1.1 - 10/21/11: Periodic review; provided verbiage consistent with current laboratory operations. No substantive changes required
    Revision 1.0 - 01/26/09: Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.

This document is controlled as an on-line file. It may be printed but the print copy is not a controlled document. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the document is the same revision as the current on line file. .