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ES&H Manual
Chapter 1300 Content Review Process
Programs (chapters) and associated procedures (appendices) contained within the Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) Manual are reviewed and approved minimally every three years, or as often as necessary, to provide safety, environment, and health requirements that reflect current standards and requirements. This program provides the responsibilities, and outlines the process by which these reviews are performed.

Jefferson Lab allows 90 days, after content approval, for Divisions/Departments to implement new requirements. If additional time is needed, a work control document, in the form of an Operational Safety Procedure (see ES&H Manual Chapter 3310 Operational Safety Procedure Program), is required. This document is approved by the Associate Director/Division Manager and the Laboratory Director and must ensure equal or greater protection.

The Director - Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) owns the ES&H Manual and has ultimate subject matter determination authority. Upon completion of the review process ES&H chapters are approved by the Laboratory Director and his designates.

All members of the Director's Safety Council and Division Safety Officers (DSC/DSO) are provided an opportunity to review requested substantive changes to the ES&H Manual content prior to approval and implementation.

All content remains in effect until a revision has been approved.

The definitive version of the ES&H Manual is accessible via Jefferson Lab's on-line website. For the most current version, access the document through the EH&S Manual - Table of Contents.


T1 Content Review
ES&H Manual Chapter 1300 Appendix T1 Content Review Procedure describes how to introduce, revise, delete, review, and approve ES&H Manual content.
T2 Content Determination
ES&H Manual Chapter 1300 Appendix T2 Content Determination Procedure describes how content is determined to be appropriate for the ES&H Manual. Factors include but are not limited to new/anticipated/previously unrecognized hazard issues; new or changes to federal, state, or local laws/regulations; changes to operations that affect the environment, safety, or health; and changes/modification to Contract Requirements.
Note: Management authority may be delegated at the discretion of the responsible manager.
Anyone at Jefferson Lab
Technical Points-of-Contact
  • Perform Technical Review requirements as outlined.
Technical Writer
  • Provide Technical Points-of-Contact with review and editing assistance.
ES&H Manual Editor
  • Perform Technical Review requirements as outlined.
  • Perform DSC/DSO Review requirements as outlined.
  • Perform Director Approval requirements as outlined.
  • Perform Content Update requirements as outlined.
Technical Review Team Members
  • Review content when requested and verify that current standards and requirements have been incorporated. Refer to ES&H Manual Chapter 2410 Appendix T1 Hazard Issues List for a listing of current standards and requirements.
  • Ensure draft procedures are supportable and enforceable.
Division Safety Officers (DSO)
  • Review requested substantive changes to the ES&H Manual content prior to approval and implementation.
  • Identify individuals from within your division/department, whose work is affected by the content, to review and submit relevant comments.
  • Understand that "no comment" is deemed acceptance of the content.
  • Perform Interim Content Request reviews per requirements.
Director - ES&H
  • Assign content to Technical Point-of Contacts.
  • Determine appropriate subject matter to be included in the manual.
  • Determine whether requested edits are substantive.
  • Approve Technical Review team members.
  • Perform DSO Review requirements as outlined.
  • Share substantive manual changes with the Directors Safety Council quarterly or as needed.
  • Review, and if acceptable, approve all ES&H Manual content.
Laboratory Director
  • Designate other individuals to approve program (chapter) content. Provide their names to the ES&H Manual Editor.
  • Review, and if acceptable, approve all ES&H Manual chapter content.
Document Control:
    APPROVAL DATE:   01/29/21
    REVIEW DATE:  01/29/26
    Revision 1.3 - 01/29/21 - Periodic Review; update header and footer, title for ES&H, division, technical point of contact changed from J. Bacon to T.Johnson, updated responsibilities to reflect current lab operations.
    Revision 1.2 - 10/27/16 - Periodic review; updated Responsibilities to reflect current laboratory operations; updated TPOC from M.J.Bailey to J.Bacon
    Revision 1.1 - 10/10/11 - Periodic review; clarifications made to reflect actual process.
    Revision 1.0 - 10/27/08 - Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.

This document is controlled as an on-line file. It may be printed but the print copy is not a controlled document. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the document is the same revision as the current on line file. .