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ES&H Manual
Chapter 2240 ES&H Committees
This document defines the responsibilities of Jefferson Lab's Safety Committees. These committees, and the collaboration of its members, line management and ES&H personnel, are key to the operation and integration of ES&H processes at the lab.

ES&H committees are established by the Laboratory Director, who also appoints committee members. These committees consult with line management to ensure current regulations and the most effective safety protocols have been established.


Laboratory Director
  • Establish committees.
  • Review charters, reports and plans for approval.
  • Appoint committee chairpersons and members according to the charter.

Associate Director ESH&Q
  • Monitor committee activities.
  • Review committee assignments.
  • Submit charters, reports, and plans to Laboratory Director for approval.

  • Develop charter and submit to AD-ESH&Q.
  • Function according to the charter
  • Meet at least annually.
    • Assess committee performance.
    • Review charter for updates, invoking sunset clause as appropriate.
    • Submit updated charter, report and plan to AD-ESH&Q
    • Post meeting minutes
Document Control:
    APPROVAL DATE:   02/24/16
    REVIEW DATE:  02/24/21
    Revision 0.4 - 02/24/16 - Periodic Review; clarified responsibilities and updated TPOC from M.J.Bailey to B.May
    Revision 0.3 - 12/18/12 - Clarified responsibilities per Mary Logue
    Revision 0.2 - 11/14/12 - Update to reflect committee charter revisions
    Periodic Review - 06/14/12 - No substative changes.
    Revision 0.1 - 11/12/10 - Update: Emergency Management Committee meetings semi-annual per committee charter (T. Menefee)

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