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Chapter 3120 The CEBAF Experiment Review Process


Jefferson Lab holds the strong conviction that high standards in environment, safety, and health (ES&H) are fully compatible with accomplishing forefront research. The laboratory’s ES&H Policy states that "Jefferson Lab considers no activity to be so urgent or important that we will compromise our standards for environmental protection, safety, or health."

To help ensure that safety is integrated into the planning and conduct of experiments Jefferson Lab has established an experimental review process. By including safety considerations in the early design stages of an experiment the experimenter reduces the risk that safety issues, that could significantly delay the experiment, will surface later.


This review process is performed for all experiments mounted in the experimental halls at Jefferson Lab, and may be used for the review of "special" experiments using other capabilities of the laboratory.

A separate ES&H Manual Chapter 3130 Accelerator Experiment Safety Review Process applies to experiments based at the LERF.

  • Jefferson Lab expects ES&H concerns to be integrated into the planning and conduct of each experiment.
  • Experimenters are expected to work within the ES&H requirements of the ES&H Manual at all times. Experimenters, like staff, have the authority and responsibility to stop work for conditions that pose imminent hazard or danger.
  • ES&H professionals are an important resource for experimenters and should be consulted when safety issues arise.
  • Steps in the experimental review process include:
    • Proposal Phase
    • Approved Proposal: Preliminary Planning Phase
    • Design Phase
    • Construction Phase
    • Scheduling of Experiment by Jefferson Lab
    • Equipment Installation
    • Preparation for Running the Experiment
    • Commission equipment
    • Run the Experiment
    • Decommission equipment (if appropriate) and store or dispose of target and/or contaminated apparatus properly
Phases of the CEBAF Experiment Readiness Review Process are found in the Readiness Review Process - Flowchart (click on the applicable box for details on the respective phase).

The CEBAF Experiment Readiness Review Process is reviewed and approved in conjunction with this ES&H manual chapter, similar to appendices documents, as defined within ES&H Manual Chapter 1300 Content Review Program.


APPROVAL DATE:   06/19/19
REVIEW DATE:  06/19/22
  • Periodic Review - 06/19/19 - No changes per TPOC
  • Revision 1.4 - 08/08/16 - Periodic Review - Updated TPOC from P.Rossi to E.Folts; updated responsibilities to reflect current operations  
  • Revision 1.3 - 02/05/14 - Updated 3.0 Responsibilities to align with the Physics Readiness Review Process per D.Higinbotham and P.Rossi.
  • Revision 1.2 - 01/28/14 - Changed section 3.3 "ES&H Coordinator" to "ES&H Division Liaison to Physics Division"; aded "ESAD" to 3.2 Physics Division Liaison; per BManzlak.
  • Revision 1.1 - 07/11/13 - Qualifying Periodic Review - Reassigned TechPoC from DSkopik to PRossi; clarified scope and expectations.
  • Revision 1.0 - 04/20/10 -  Updated to reflect current laboratory operations.

Associate Director – Physics Division
  • Issue Experiment Readiness Clearance (ERC)

Deputy Associate Director - Physics Division
  • Review experiment requirements and schedule reviews
  • Ensure steps of review process are followed
  • Review Final Safety Assessment Document

Physics Division Safety Officer (DSO)
  • Guide experiments from review to completion of experiment
  • Coordinate development of documentation:
    • Experiment's Conduct of Operations (COO)
    • Experiment Safety Assessment Document (ESAD)
    • Radiation Safety Document (RSAD)
    • Emergency Response Guidelines (ERG)

Physics Division Liaison
  • Provide support for experiments from conception to completion of experiment

Hall Leader
  • Review experiment requirements
  • Coordinate experiment requirements with Experiment Spokesperson and Hall Work Coordinator
  • Submit Final Safety Assessment Document to DSO

Experiment Spokesperson
  • Propose new experiments to Program Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Provide experiment requirements for approved experiments to Hall Leader
  • Work with Hall Leader and Physics Division Liaison to safely and successfully conduct experiment

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