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Chapter 3900 Aviation Implementation Document
The Jefferson Laboratory Aviation Implement Document (JLab AID) provides a written program addressing the requirements set forth in DOE Order 440.2C Change 2, Aviation Management and Safety, Contractor Requirements Document (CRD).

The JLab AID is applicable to staff and non-staff utilizing or operating Federal aviation assets or Commercial Aviation Service (CAS) in support of the Jefferson Laboratory mission. Aviation activities anticipated include, but are not limited to:
  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial mapping
  • Utilization of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS), commonly referred to as drones, for topographical mapping, equipment and infrastructure inspection, photography, surveys, or surveillance activities.

Jefferson Lab does not own manned or unmanned aviation assets and all aviation services shall be contracted out. The Contractor Requirements Document shall be flowed down to the contracted service.

The operation of personal owned aircraft either manned or unmanned by Jefferson Lab Staff, Users, or visitors in support of the Jefferson Laboratory mission or while on Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is not permitted.

This AID does not include travel on commercial flights.

Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.

Director ES&H
  • Provides management and implementation of DOE Aviation Safety Orders and Standards
  • Appoints the Aviation Safety SME to oversee Jefferson Lab Aviation Safety Program
  • Assures all aviation missions are approved by the Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) Aviation Manager
  • Notify Senior SC Management and DOE OAM of an aviation mishap or significant aircraft accidents and incidents experienced during the use of aviation assets.
  • Assure NEPA determination has been completed
Aviation Safety SME
  • Establish and maintain the Jefferson Lab aviation safety requirements.
  • Serve as the Jefferson Laboratory point of contact for coordination of the notification to the TJSO Site Office of scheduled aviation services and of any aviation activities at the Laboratory that could include the use of manned (MA) and unmanned aircraft (UA).
  • Periodically assess the Jefferson Lab Aviation Safety Program to verify compliance with the CRD of DOE O 440.2C, Administrative Change 2.
  • Assure all aviation services, manned or unmanned, procured by Jefferson Lab are evaluated in accordance with this AID, and are listed on the DOE Commercial Aviation Services (CAS Approved Operators List) prior to contracting for services. Forward request for approval of new commercial aviation services provider to the TJSO Aviation Manager to complete an audit and for submittal to DOE Office of Aviation Management.
  • Review and send to TJSO Aviation Manager for approval all proposed aviation missions to determine compliance with the requirements of this AID.
  • Assure the reporting of aviation-related events as required to the DOE Computerized Accident Incident Reporting System (CAIRS), the DOE Occurrence Reporting and Processing System (ORPS), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the NTSB, as required.
  • Conduct periodic safety audits and reviews of contractor aviation operations and activities as required.
  • Provide aviation support to Jefferson Lab staff as the Aviation Safety SME as required.
  • Submit quarterly reports to TJSO of aviation activities that occurred during the quarter.
  • Before placing procurement for any aviation service, verify commercial aviation services are listed on the DOE Commercial Aviation Services (CAS Approved Operators List)
  • Submit request to TJSO Aviation Safety SME for providers not listed on the HQ OAM approved list.
  • Requisition shall contain:
    • Clear statement of mission
    • Period of Performance
    • Hazard assessment
  • Assure authorization has been obtained from TJSO Aviation Manager before placing procurement
  • Place procurement for any aviation service, only with commercial aviation services vetted by the DOE Office of Aviation Management.
  • Flow down requirements set forth in DOE Order 440.2C Change 2, Aviation Management and Safety, Contractor Requirements Document (CRD).
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