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Chapter 6682 Beryllium Article Control and Handling

Beryllium is present at Jefferson Lab in alloys and in pure and ceramic form for targets and various beamline components. Beryllium copper alloys can also be found in RF waveguide assemblies. The materials containing beryllium at Jefferson Lab are considered to be "articles", which should present no inhalation hazard under normal handling conditions, because handling of solid components does not normally result in measurable airborne beryllium particulate.


This chapter contains information on the control and handling of beryllium articles.

Table 1: Required Beryllium Safety Training by Job Classification

Training Course Beryllium Worker
Beryllium Awareness
* Per ES&H Manual Chapter 6800 Appendix T1 Medical Monitoring



Supervisors/Subcontracting Officer's Technical Representatives (SOTRs)
  • Identify employees handling beryllium articles and assure proper training.
  • Minimize the need for contact with beryllium articles, seek alternative material.
  • Utilize beryllium custodian to maintain inventory of all beryllium articles. Contact Industrial Hygiene for assistance with identifying custodian in a specific work area.
  • Store beryllium articles separately and with hazard avoidance signage.
  • Contact ES&H Environmental Group for recycling or disposal of beryllium articles.
ES&H Division: Industrial Hygienist
  • Maintain the site inventory of beryllium using information from beryllium custodians.
  • Conduct beryllium monitoring when necessary.
ES&H Division: Environmental Engineer
  • Accept waste beryllium articles and debris for proper disposal.
Occupational Medicine
  • Provide beryllium hazard awareness training.
  • Provide medical monitoring where appropriate.

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