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Chapter 8000 Environmental Management System
As an integral part of Jefferson Lab's Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS), the Environmental Management System (EMS) manages risk to the environment in a similar fashion as it manages risk to workers and the public. Like the ISMS, this is achieved by identifying and managing risk to the environment through proper planning, operational controls, and continual improvement. Jefferson Lab's Site Sustainability program is integrated into the EMS.

This EMS applies to all Jefferson Lab facility operations and to its entire population. Activities, products, or services that involve interaction with the environment are designated environmental aspects. These environmental aspects are reviewed and prioritized annually, and measurable goals for improvement are set, tracked and communicated.

Jefferson Lab's EMS conforms with ISO 14001-2004 and is evaluated every three years.

The EMS has been developed to:
  • Identify activities and services with the potential for environmental impacts.
  • Manage, control, and mitigate the impacts of these activities and services.
  • Maintain compliance with applicable environmental protection requirements.
  • Promote the long-term stewardship of TJNAF's and our neighbors' natural resources.
  • Encourage understanding and promote dialogue with interested parties.
  • Assess performance, implement corrective actions where needed, and ensure continuous improvement.
EMS Elements
  • The Environmental Management System Program Description describes the process by which the EMS is executed.
  • The Site Sustainability Plan describes the process by which this program is implemented.
  • The Annual Site Environmental Report is prepared and distributed annually in accordance with DOE guidance. This report represents a primary communication element with parities interested in the EMS.


Note: Management authority may be delegated to a task qualified Jefferson Lab employee at the discretion of the responsible manager.

Everyone at Jefferson Lab
Everyone at Jefferson Lab is responsible for improving environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) performance. Employees, subcontractors, and users are expected to report environmental concerns and to stop work that endangers the environment.
  • Considers potential environmental hazards before starting new or modified projects, experiments, or work tasks. Refer to ES&H Manual Chapter 8010 Environmental Planning and Review to evaluate potential environmental impacts.
  • Works within the environmental constraints established by work control documents.
  • Minimizes waste and properly dispose of any waste generated. Maintain equipment and facilities to avoid spills and other unplanned releases to air, water, or the ground and immediately report any such releases to supervisor, Technical Representative (TR), or sponsor.
  • Forwards ideas for environmental improvement for review and possible implementation. Line management, Division Safety Officers (DSO), ES&H Liaisons, and the lab's Environmental Program Manager are all available avenues for proposing improvements.
ES&H Associate Director
  • Serves as the Jefferson Lab EMS Management Representative.
  • Ensures the EMS meets all relevant requirements.
Facilities Management & Logistics
  • Manages the execution of the Site Sustainability Plan.
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