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Radiation Review Panel

Committee Members

Jefferson Lab Radiation Review Panel (JRRP)
Radiation Control Department* Keith Welch, RadCon Manager ext. 7212
Experimental Nuclear Physics Douglas Higinbotham, Chair (current) ext. 7851
Accelerator Division Steve Suhring ext. 7670
LERF / Free Electron Laser Jim Boyce, User  
ESH&Q Reporting Officer Tina Johnson ext. 7611
Engineering Henry Robertson ext. 7285
Chief Information Officer Andy Kowalski ext. 6224
Facilities Management Carroll Jones ext. 7672
User Group Board of Directors Charles Hyde  
RadCon Jennifer Allen, Secretary ext. 6127
* Ex officio / one vote    


The Jefferson Lab Radiation Review Panel (JRRP) proactively serves to advise the Radiation Control Department (RadCon) and senior management on matters of radiation safety. The panel reviews, comments on, and recommends approval of documentation for signature by the Lab Director and Associate Directors as applicable, thereby establishing policy and procedures for Jefferson Lab operational radiological safety.

The JRRP is responsible for: reviewing ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Program activities, training and reports; conducting critiques on deficiencies and proficiencies in radiation control activities; reviewing plans for first-time or infrequent activities and changes of scope; and, reviewing recommendations from RadCon. The JRRP shall make recommendations to the Director's Safety Council, senior management, and/or to those responsible for conducting programs regarding the aforementioned items.