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Jefferson Lab Safety Configuration Management Board (SCMB)


The Safety Configuration Management Board (SCMB) is chartered by the Lab Director to address matters of accelerator-specific safety related to implementation of the Accelerator Safety Order (ASO). It does not address general safety, which is managed through the Lab’s Worker Safety and Health Program, except in situations where general safety matters may impact the safety of accelerator operations. The SCMB reviews accelerator-specific safety issues, approves changes to systems and operations that affect accelerator safety, makes recommendations regarding accelerator safety and assures continued compliance with the Accelerator Safety Order (ASO). The Lab Director appoints members to the SCMB and, through the AD ESH&Q, provides oversight of the board’s activities.

The SCMB responsibilities apply to all JLab accelerators including CEBAF, FEL and other facilities that may be designated as accelerators under the ASO.

The SCMB has the following responsibilities:

  1. Review matters pertaining to compliance with the Accelerator Safety Order (ASO) DOE- 420.2c and subsequent revisions as may be incorporated in the DOE contract, and make recommendations to the Lab Director through the AD ESH&Q.
  2. Review proposed changes to the Accelerator Safety Order and participate in the DOE review process to protect the interests of Jefferson Lab. Formal submissions to the review process are coordinated with the AD ESH&Q.
  3. Recommend training to assure awareness of matters affecting the safety of accelerator operations and compliance with the ASO and related JLab policies.
  4. Review revisions annually to safety documentation to ensure it remains current: specifically the Final Safety Assessment Document (FSAD) and the Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE). Make recommendations regarding approval to the Lab Director through the AD ESH&Q.
  5. Review and approve changes to the credited controls defined in the ASE and to other systems or processes that can impact the effectiveness of the credited controls.
  6. Assure that changes potentially impacting accelerator safety are implemented correctly and documented.
  7. Screen safety concerns pertaining to accelerator operations and determine whether they are Unreviewed Safety Issues (USI), deficiencies in JLab policies or the implementation thereof, or ASE violations.
  8. Refer positive USI determinations and any known or suspected USI violations to the Reporting Officer upon discovery.
  9. Review relevant events at Jefferson Lab and other facilities for potential impact to systems and processes within the scope of the SCMB charter such as FSADs, credited controls, and ASEs.
  10. Provide guidance on the development and implementation of the accelerator readiness review (ARR) process associated with commissioning and operations.
  11. Maintain a current listing/inventory of accelerators.
  12. Approve designs for medium size shielding projects.
  13. Develop ad hoc shielding design review teams as needed and approve ad hoc team review results.

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