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ES&H Toolbox Topics


Machine Tool PPE
(added 10/7/15)
Proper Lifting Techniques
(added 9/23/15)
RAM Awareness: Grab
it by the horns!
(added 2/27/14)
Genie Lift
(added 5/30/13)
Vehicle Operations
Blind Spots
(added 5/6/13)
(added 4/17/13)
Portable Ladder
(added 3/20/13)
Basic PPE
(added 3/4/13)
Tornado Safety
and Awareness
(added 2/25/13)

Silica Safety
(added 1/31/13)
Electrical PPE
(added 1/16/13)
Electrical: Signage
(added 1/11/13)

Safety Practice: Whiteboard
(added 1/11/13)


Important Safety Reminder: No Passing on Lab Roads
Safety Concern: Do Not Block Overhead Doors
Report all Injuries to occupational Medicine in a Timely Manner
Your Role as a JLab Fleet Driver
JLab Vehicle Fleet Do's and Don'ts
How to Determine JLab Status during a Severe Weather Event
Safety Reminder: Personal Appliance Use at Jefferson Lab
Safety Reminder: Report Work Injuries When they Happen
Safety Reminder: Stay Focused, Safe on the Job
Ergonomic Notable Event All Staff Notice
Failure to Comply with Posted Radiation Signs
Notable Events Call for Reminder to Stay Focused, Safe on the Job



Visitor: General Public
Safety Briefing
(added 1/11/13)
Look-Alike Equipment
Hazard Awareness
(added 5/9/16)
Propane Torches
(added 07/14/14)
Laceration Protection
(added 03/14/14)
RAM Control Information
(added 2/27/14)
Why do we care about
scope of work?
(added 2/27/14)
Personal Safety:
Safe Winter Driving
(added 1/9/14)
Material Handling
Equipment: Maintenance
(added 5/13/13)
Preventing Hand Injury
(added 02/04/13)
Ergonomic Awareness
(added 02/04/13)
ATLis/Martha Update
added 01/30/13)

Portable Hand Tools:
Attachments (pdf)
(added 1/11/13)


What not to do:
added 5/6/13)
What not to do:
Electrical Safety
added 2/7/13)
What not to do:
Ladder Safety
added 1/11/13)
What not to do:
Welding Safety
(added 1/11/13)