Electrical Safety

As a result of an electrical incident that occurred in June 2018, the following Electrical Safety Rules have been established related to Facilities Management work or activities:

  • Any breaker found in the off position shall be assumed the breaker was not tagged out and work is in progress.  Condition must be verified prior to turning on breaker.
  • Any utility found in an unexpected state shall be thoroughly investigated prior to changing this state.
  • Utilities or services not in use shall be air gapped unless they have been properly insulated/terminated and enclosed. 
  • No dead leg utilities shall be installed. Any spare circuits for future use shall be properly terminated or insulated and shall be installed within a proper enclosure.  Circuit breakers upstream of this circuit shall be marked with the location of the enclosure.
  • When isolating circuits to reset a tripped breaker or fuse, take a picture of the circuit breakers using a cell phone before turning them OFF.  After power is restored to the upstream device, refer to the picture when turning these downstream circuits back ON.  Do not turn breakers ON that were previously OFF.  Investigate (megger) any devices that are in the tripped position before resetting these and restoring power, unless they also supply downstream devices.  In that case, the procedure to isolate circuits shall be repeated for the downstream circuits.  Wear appropriate PPE before operating device handles (Safety Glasses, hearing protection, long sleeve - natural or non-melting fabric shirt, leather gloves).
  • Notification of Power (Utility) Outages - All planned power (utility) outages shall be coordinated with Operations Managers using ATLis type planning tools.   Once dates and times are agreed upon, it is the reponsibility of the Operations Manager to coordinate the activity of affected employees and their subcontractors.  Where areas do not have Operations Managers, areas are not covered by ATLis type planning tools and/or where a larger population may be affected, Facilities personnel shall use the on-line Outage Management System for notification.