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WWW Guidelines

Web Directory Structure

WWW is running on the UNIX server web1. The code and related files are located in the directory /site/www. Subdirectories found under the main directory include: htbin, in which you can find the utility files for local functions and html, which contains all of the homepages. Each group managing a homepage is given a directory of its own in the /site/www/html/ directory and is responsible for all the files in this directory. Computer Center has more information on CUE web servers.

Web Site Management

The JLab Webmaster and staff manage the JLab web site. Homepages directly available from the web site must have one individual identified as the contact. This individual will coordinate all changes concerning their homepage including serving as the liaison to JLab Webmaster and the Computer Center and being responsible for both the content of the pages available from this homepage as well as for arranging for the entry and formatting of the pages. Each group represented by an entry on the JLab homepage will own a directory on the central server used for the JLab web server where the documents for their homepage will be stored.

Resource Allocation

The Computer Center will provide the system and disk resources for the JLab WWW server and for all of the homepages directly accessible from the JLab homepage. Groups requiring significant resources (either system or disk space) to post information to the web must provide these resources.

Technical Support

The Computer Center will be responsible for the installation and upgrade of the WWW server and attendant software and will provide basic support to users of the software and managers of other homepages. The Computer Center will not install WWW server software on other servers or provide expert level support in the use or development of these utilities. Upon request, Electronic Media will provide training in the development of WWW pages as well as homepage design management and development.

Content Control

All content available from the JLab home page must be appropriate for a taxpayer-supported research lab (JLab's face to the world) and in keeping with both the letter and spirit of all JLab policies. All information on the JLab web must be reviewed by another staff member at the same level of responsibility as the individual posting the document. All official JLab documents that are posted must have received full sign-off before posting. Each individual is responsible for all content that they post.

The Computer Center and the lab's webmaster is authorized to contact the appropriate page editor in the event questionable information is posted and have the authority to temporarily remove access to the homepage under which questionable information is posted. The final authority in such cases will be the associate director for the division posting the information.

Check and update your pages regularly for outdated information and dead links. Staff, users, and in some cases, the General Public, depend on the information you provide. Every effort should be made to keep the information and links updated.

Page Editors

Each page editor must ensure that staff members given links to any homepage are fully briefed on their responsibility as a page editor. Additionally, each page editor must accept the following responsibilities:

Authorized Server Systems

The JLab homepage and all homepages directly accessible from the JLab homepage must reside on stable, workstation-class machines under 24-hour management and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) support by the Computer Center. Homepages posted at levels below this may reside on personal computers where appropriate; however, every page posted to the web from JLab must have a responsible staff member identified. Documentation for links to other homepages should be appended as comments in the html source code for the homepage providing this access. A should be indicated in every file posted. Independent web servers must be reported to the Computer Center.

The Computer Center is authorized to contact line management regarding any servers not in compliance with this guideline and may remove network access to a server while judgement is under evaluation. Users should be aware that intentional misuse of the authority to post information to the web may result in disciplinary action.

Personal Homepages

The JLab web will not provide directory assistance to locate personal homepages. Personal homepages are permitted but users posting such pages should review the JLab web usage policy.

Material of any illegal nature will not be tolerated. Furthermore, all content should be consistent with JLab's mission. The Computer Center may remove access to any personal homepage with questionable content or one which consumes excessive resources. Posting of inappropriate content may result in disciplinary action.

All users with computer accounts in the Common UNIX Environment (CUE) automatically have an account on this system. Though a completely separate home directory on this system is provided, storage space is somewhat limited. You will need to create a "public_html" directory in your home directory. Please review the Computer Center's support for CUE Web Servers.

On-Site vs. Off-Site Access

The JLab web will provide support for documents that may only be viewed from on site addresses. Such references will be identified as "restricted access" or "on site viewing only" on the homepage.