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Current Projects

This page contains information and links to current projects in the Cryogenics Department.

Rework of the original CHL 2K Cold Box:

The scope of this project was to upgrade the Cold Box. There was a complete rework of the internal piping and support structure. All of the internals were removed and rebuilt from scratch. We added a 5th stage of Cold Compressor. We have changed the control system from a CAMAC based to a PLC based system. We are also adding a new backfill and pump down program that is more user friendly and robust. We are currently still working on the controls and the mechanical seals at the primary flange. Once these tasks are completed then all we will need is a period of time for commissioning.

Benefit to the Lab:

The benefit of this upgrade is currently redundancy for the current Cold Box configuration. Should the online Cold Box fail and can not be repaired in a short period of time the alternate Cold Box could be put online. When the Lab goes to 12 GEV then this Cold Box will be online all the time.

FEL Mirror:

The scope of this project is to supply shield flow to a new mirror that is being installed in the FEL. This will require some new transfer lines, an expansion can and some new instrument and controls. We are currently waiting to gain access to the FEL for cable installation. The controls pages are completed and the transfer lines are completed and waiting for installation time. The expansion can is awaiting the arrival of the flow element.