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Document Control Group

                  Large Format Production Printing and Scanning

  • Who-  Production printing resources are used to support Jefferson Lab projects.  Any JLab personnel requiring multiple engineering documents  are eligible to use the  printing services provided by the DCG office.
  • How-  DCG office personnel manage and operate the large format production printer.  You can request prints using the print request feature located in the Document Repository.  Search and find the required document (s) and check the box located to the left of the  entry.  Then click  on the “DCG Print Request” button located in the “Actions:” section of the search page.  For jobs requiring  prints not found in the Document Repository, call or email  the DCG office for assistance.
  • Scanning-  DCG office personnel manage and operate a large format production scanner.  The scanner reads in Black and White only and can accommodate print sizes up 36”.  The scanning operation can produce both hard (paper) copies and image files in pdf, tiff and jpeg formats.  To request scanning, bring prints directly to the DCG office.