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12 GeV Project-2007 Design Review



Personnel Safety System (PSS)
12Gev PSS Design Review Agenda
12Gev PSS Design Review Charge
12Gev PSS Concept
12Gev PSS Design Criteria
12Gev Requirements Document


Preliminary Drawings - updated daily:
Hall D Site Layout  Run/Safe Box Wiring
Tagger Area Detail  Key Exchange Box
Hall D Detail  Beam Stop Status
N. Linac Racks  Beam Stop Control
S. Linac Racks  Hall D - Injector Interface
PLC Network Overview Linac Network Diagram
Sense Safety Interlock Typical Rack Layout
PSS Console Typical Access Room
Keyswitch Control RF Interface
Door/Key Exchange Control Power Supply Interface
Mfg. Manuals:  
Safety Engineering Distributed Safety
Fail Safe Modules Automation Modules

Machine Protection System (MPS)
MPS Design Criteria
FSD Master Requirements
FSD Master Specifications

12Gev Injector FSD Configuration
12Gev N. Linac FSD Configuration
12Gev S. Linac FSD Configuration
12Gev FSD Master Motherboard
12Gev FSD Master Daughterboard
Beam Envelope Limit System
BELS Design Criteria

12Gev BELS Block Diagram

Beam Current Monitor (BCM)

Oxygen Monitoring (ODH)

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last updated May 31, 2007