Accelerator Data Transmittals

DT # Description Date Recipient
L702 0R02 SLM vacuum chamber. 09/20/2001 Robby Hicks
L752 A1-A2 girder survey. 04/01/2002 Phil Adderly
L754 12 Gev vacuum vessel #002 inside rail inspection. 04/05/2002 Whitlach, Carpenter
L756 Chopper position (historic) 04/10/2002 P. Adderly, M Poelker, J. Benesch
L781 YR magnet inspection of arc 06/04/2002 Jackie Smith
L798 RF4T02 07/30/2002 M. Spata, J. Benesch, J. Musson
L810 Injector Quad Locations QJ0L02/03 09/12/2002 Alex Bogacz, Jackie Smith
L841 PCGun alignment in test cave. 01/23/2003 Joe Grames
L847 Z Measurements in the Injector 03/17/2003 M. Tiefenback, R. Kazimi, M. Spata, D. Machie
L849 Upgrade vacuum vessel NL11 03/20/2003 Tim Whitlatch, Brian Carpenter
L856 Inspection CARRIER 01 AND RETURN 02 END CANS 04/11/2003 Tim Whitlatch and Brian Carpenter
L878 BPM Locations in Spreader / Recombiner areas 07/21/2003 Jay Benesch
L884 Upgrade NL11 Space frame inspection 08/04/2003 Tim Whitlatch, Brian Carpenter
L885 QA3C12 super harp/flange survey 08/05/2003 Robby Hicks
L889 Transfer from Gyro Lines to  NLnc & SLnc 08/18/2003 Joe Grames
L900 BPM locations in SWCR11 (2T region) 09/30/2003 M. Spata, J. Benesch
L904 Injector Quad locations QJ0L01/2/3/4 10/24/2003 J. Benesch, Y. Zhang
L907 BPM locations in SW/NE spreaders 10/31/2003 M. Spata, J. Benesch
L908 Apperture A2 offsets 10/31/2003 P. Adderly, M. Poelker
L916 Z locations downstream of Injector cryomodule 02/05/2004 Y. Zhang
L928 BPM locations near Compton Magnet MC1P03 05/21/2004 J. Benesch
L939 45 MeV dump survey 08/26/2004 R. Kazimi
L941 BPM locations in Transport Channel Recombiner 09/07/2004 J. Benesch, A. Freyberger, M. Spata
L942 AT08-AT09 viewer as-set locations 09/09/2004 A. Freyberger, J. Benesch, M. Spata
L957 Injector Z measurements from 1/4 to 1st cryomodule 09/23/2004 R. Kazimi, M. Spata, M. Tiefenback Y.Zhang
L964 Renascence end cap and bridging ring inspection 03/28/2005 E. Daly
L972 Elevation survey of Accelerator 01/13/2005 D. Kashy, W. Oren, M. Spata, S. Suhring
L975 Inspection of CHL C5 and C6 stands 01/25/2005 J. Wilson
L978 Extractor line YA/YB report 02/03/2005 M. Spata
L979 Injector area roll as-found data 02/14/2005 Y. Chao
L980 12GeV return end cap inspection 03/21/2005 E. Daly
L988 BPM locations in NL27 / 1S01 areas 04/15/2005 A.Freyberger, O. Garza
L989 AT09 viewer as-set location 04/18/2005 A. Freyberger, J. Benesch, M. Spata
L990 ESR compressor pad inspection 04/20/2005 P. Knudsen
L1007 Inspection of line C Moeller ceramic pipe 08/01/2005 C. Yan, T. Whitlatch
L1013 Measurements in 500keV area of Injector 10/10/2005 R.Kazimi, K.Mahoney, A.Guerra, M.Tiefenback, M.Spata
L1045 A3, A4 Inspection 03/06/2006 J. Takacs, K. Mahoney
L1047 Line C Harp Locations 03/10/2006 J. Benesch
L1050 Injector Gun Alignment 03/22/2006 M. Poelker, P. Adderley
L1053 Line A Harp Locations 04/04/2006 J. Benesch
L1054 Line B Harp Locations 04/14/2006 J. Benesch
L1055 Injector Harp Locations 04/26/2006 J. Benesch
L1056 Arc Harp Locations 05/02/2006 J. Benesch
L1062 Load Lock Gun solenoid survey 06/12/2006 M. Poelker
L1064 Injector 1D (500keV) dump report 06/15/2006 M. Spata, R. Kazimi, K. Mahoney, S. Suhring
L1065 Injector 2D (5MeV) dump report 06/26/2006 M. Spata, R. Kazimi, S. Suhring, J. Grames
L1081 April 2000 S.Linac Quad Movements   10/27/2006 M. Tiefenback A. Freyberger, Y. Chao
L1103 Injector gun Prep chamber survey. 03/14/2007 J. Grames, M. Poelker, P. Adderley
U1107 Location survey cryo relief valve near end of injector 04/20/2007 M. Wiseman, C. Butler, J. Takacs
L1108 Monitoring Superharp for movement for alterations 04/24/2007 H. Park, R. Lassiter, M. Wiseman
L1125 As-found locations of A3 and A4 08/15/2007 K. Mahoney, J.Grames, M. Spata
L1117 Existing Gun 2 Injector Gun Flanges 07/16/2007 J. Grames, M. Poelker, D. Machie
L1118 Load Lock Gun - derivation of calculation point 07/17/2007 J. Grames, M. Poelker, D. Machie
L1122 As-found locations of A3 and A4 after run 07/27/2007 M. Poelker, J.Grames, M. Spata
L1128 Line C Harp encoders. 09/06/2007 A. Freyberger
L1132 500KeV, Mott polarimeter. 10/15/2007 R. Kazimi, K. Mahoney, J. Grames
L1135 As-found Comparison of Line A Superharp after modification 10/30/2007 H. Park, M. Wiseman, N. Okay
U1143 Attachment drawings for BCom magnet 11/15/2007 J. Smith, M. Wiseman, J. Takacs
L1151 East West arc dipole roll. 01/02/2008 J. Benesch
U1158 N linac west end stand locations. 02/28/2008 M. Bevens
L1174 BQ summary for 12 Gev Study 07/25/2008 D. Green, M. Bevins, M. Spata, P. Hansen
L1176 Location survey of Load Lock Gun 07/30/2008 J. Grames
L1199 Beam Pipe info in Line A Compton region 11/13/2008 A. Freyberger, N. Okay
L1202 Injector 5mev spectrometer. 11/21/2008 J. Grames, J. Dumas, R. Kazimi, M. Spata
L1211 YR magnet information - beams in YR etc 01/13/2009 Jay Benesch
L1224 elevations near sl07 u-tubes 04/02/2009 S. Suhring, M Drury, M. Wright
L1242 BPMs IPM2S10 IPM1C05 IPM2C04 IPM3C05 08/24/2009 David Green
U1273 XB 4M dipole vacuum vessel inspection. 03/24/2010 M. Bevins, R. Bailes
L1322 Z distances from Chopper to A4 10/01/2010 R. Kazimi, J. Grames
L1324 SRF supply/return end can QC. 10/04/2010 J. Fischer
L1330 Inj. Wien filter 2 girder. 10/11/2010 R. Kazimi, J. Grames, M. Polker
U1362 4M dipole vacuum chamber flange inspections. 01/11/2011 A. DiPette, M. Bevins
L1367 Acc. 0R region chicane beam pipe flanges. 01/21/2011 A. Freyberger, S. Suhring