Hall B Data Transmittals

DT # Description Date Recipient
B787 SHOT detector inspection. 06/19/2002 D. Kashy, A. Gasparian
B791 Primex Paddle Detectors (As-Found) 07/09/2002 Dave Kashy
B794 Hall B HyCal Prototype calibration. 07/18/2002 M. Ito, D. Kashy
B804 Primex Paddle Detectors (As-Found) 08/27/2002 D. Dale
B807 G7A-1,2,3 target cell inspections. 09/06/2002 S. Christo
B811 Hall B collimator harp. 09/17/2002 Arne Freyberger
B824 E1E target cell inspections. 10/29/2002 D. Kashy, S. Christo
B831 Support Pillar survey for Primex Magnet 12/05/2002 Dave Kashy
B843 Support Pillar survey for  Primex Magnet - additional  points 02/10/2003 Dave Kashy
B848 PrimeX box beam columns. 03/19/2003 D. Kashy
B873 PrimeX detector. 06/18/2003 D. Kashy
B892 Pair spectrometer paddle detector survey 09/03/2003 D. Dale
B910 DVCS, Target and IPM2H01 survey 12/02/2003 A. Freyberger, D. Kashy, M. Spata, S. Stepanyan
B914 Mini Torus, Target and IPM2H01 survey 12/18/2003 A. Freyberger, D. Kashy, M. Spata
B924 Strip detector inspection 04/15/2004 S. Stepanyan
B932 G11A target and Start Counter alignment 06/09/2004 D. Kashy
B936 Hy-Cal detector inspection/fiducialization 07/14/2004 D. Kashy
B937 Mini Torus inspection/fiducialization 07/20/2004 D. Kashy
B940 Hy-Cal detector calibration 09/03/2004 M. Ito, D. Kashy
B943 Pair spectrometer paddle detector survey 09/09/2004 D. Dale
B944 Primex target calibration 09/10/2004 M. Ito
B945 TAC calibration survey 09/10/2004 M. Ito
B946 Beamline component survey 09/10/2004 D. Kashy
B949 Transport rail elevation survey 09/15/2004 P. Hemler
B960 Start counter fiducialization 10/26/2004 Y. Sharabian, D. Kashy
B961 Cerenkov #6 inspection 11/01/2004 M. Zarecky, D. Kashy
B966 EG3 beamline survey 12/10/2004 D. Kashy, S. Stepanyan, E. Smith
B968 DVCS calorimeter inspection 12/22/2004 D. Kashy, S. Stepanyan
B983 DVCS beamline survey 03/17/2005 D. Kashy, S. Stepanyan, E. Smith
B991 Polarized target fiducial data 04/21/2005 M. Seely
B994 Cerenkov #5 and #6 survey 05/10/2005 D. Kashy, M. Zarecky
B999 G8b beamline survey 06/23/2005 D. Kashy, S. Stepanyan, E. Smith, P. Cole
B1002 Cerenkov lifting fixture bolt hole inspection 06/29/2005 D. Kashy, M. Zarecky
B1014 BoNus survey 10/13/2005 D. Kashy, E. Smith
B1027 INFN Cerenkov inspection/fiducialization 12/20/2005 D. Kashy
B1028 Lead Bullet fiducial data 01/05/2006 D. Kashy
B1030 Lead Bullet survey 01/11/2006 D. Kashy
B1031 INFN Cerenkov 6 Pre-Alignment. 01/13/2006 D. Kashy, S. Cuneo
Asfounds INFN Cerenkov 6 Pre-Alignment spreadsheet. 01/13/2006 D. Kashy, S. Cuneo
B1032 Heights to original Cerenkov chamber 01/13/2006 D. Kashy, S. Christo
B1034 Second pre-alignment of INFN Cerenkov chamaber 01/20/2006 D. Kashy, S. Cuneo
B1035 INFN Cerenkov #6 tube locations 01/20/2006 D. Kashy, S. Christo
B1036 Location of INFN Cerenkov #6 01/30/2006 D. Kashy, S. Cuneo
B1037 EP4A target and beamline survey 01/30/2006 D. Kashy, M. Zarecky
B1038 Installed position of INFN Cerenkov #6 02/07/2006 D. Kashy, S. Cuneo
B1077 BCal / TPE beamline survey 09/21/2006 D. Kashy, N. Okay, S. Suhring, E. Smith
B1082 G13A experimental component survey 10/30/2006 D. Kashy
B1083 G13A hodoscope survey 10/31/2006 D. Kashy, D. Dale
B1097 Active collimator. 02/13/2007 D. Kashy
B1098 Collimator box. 02/21/2007 D. Kashy
B1112 12 Gev Region 1 end plate QC. 05/16/2007 S. Christo
B1115 Reg 1 position on CNC. 06/20/2007 S. Christo
B1119 Reg 1 inspection. 07/18/2007 Bob Miller
B1124 Reg 1 inspection. 08/15/2007 Bob Miller
B1126 Location of bolt holes in tabs on Forward Carriage 08/30/2007 J. Robertson, D. Kashy
B1136 Hall B Frost beamline survey. 11/01/2007 D. Kashy, N. Okay, E. Smith
B1150 Active collimator. 12/07/2007 D. Kashy, N. Okay, D. Tilles
B1165 Hall B G12 beamline survey. 04/01/2008 D. Kashy, N. Okay, E. Smith
B1186 OTR downstream of torus - in dump alcove 10/15/2008 Youri Sharabian, Dave Kashy, Stepan Stepanyan
B1192 Hall B DVCS E1 Experiment beamline survey. 10/30/2008 D. Kashy, N. Okay, E. Smith, V. Burkert, Sharabian, Stepany
B1200 As found of DVCS E1 solenoid / target / calorimeter 11/18/2008 D. Kashy, V. Burkert, E. Smith, N. Okay
B1209 DVCS mapper 01/08/2009 D. Kashy, T. Carstens
B1212 Hall B DVCS E1 Experiment beamline survey. 01/13/2009 D. Kashy, N. Okay
B1216 Hall B DVCS 09 Experiment beamline survey. 02/05/2009 D. Kashy, N. Okay
B1228 Hall B April 09 Target/Calorimeter. 04/24/2009 D. Kashy, N. Okay
B1230 IPM2H01 - BPM Box internal locations 05/05/2009 Jay Benesch
B1256 Rohacell forming mold. 01/06/2010 S. Mandal
B1257 12 gev drift chamber end plate 201-301survey. 01/08/2010 B. Miller
B1261 Hall B floor elevations. 01/28/2010 D. Kashy, D. Tilles
B1259 Mini torus inspection. 01/22/2010 B. Miller
B1266 Hall B floor elevations forward carriage dnst. 03/04/2010 D. Kashy, D. Tilles
B1276 Hall B G9B eperiment beamline survey. 03/26/2010 D. Kashy, N. Okay
B1284 Region 2 chamber inspection 05/12/2010 B. Miller, S. Christo
B1320 PrimeX 2 beamline asfound report 09/24/2010 A. Gasparian, L.Gan, D. Kashy
B1344 Region 2 chamber inspection - redo to verify point locations 11/09/2010 B. Miller, S. Christo
B1336 Region 2 chamber inspection 10/26/2010 B. Miller, S. Christo
B1331 Prime X 2 Hycal / TAC / Beam Profiler Run orientation 10/11/2010 A. Gasparian, L. Gan, D. Kashy
B1323 Prime X 2 Hycal / TAC / Beam Profiler 10/01/2010 A. Gasparian, L. Gan, D. Kashy
B1377 Region 2 chamber inspection 02/15/2011 B.Miller, C.Wiggins