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ACams is a software package based on intersecting theodolite angles and then using a Least Squares Bundle Adjustment to determine the resulting coordinates. ACams is a acronym for - Accelerator combined alignment / measurement system.

ACams is used in approximately 70% of the alignment tasks at Jefferson Lab. Many routine tasks have been automated, which has resulted in faster turn around of infomation. Development is continuing, being spurred on as situations arise.

Currently some of the alignment tasks that ACams handles are :
1. bolt layout / stand alignment (step 1)
2. fiducialization (local and object orientation)
3. element alignment (step 2)
4. automated spectrometer alignment
5. data collection

A poster describing ACams was presented at the 6th International Accelerator Alignment Workshop at SPring - 8 (Japan) in November 2002. The accompanying paper is located here.

A preliminary users manual is available online by clicking on the link below.

ACams Manual (preliminary)

The screen shot below is of the opening page.

This second screen shows the Real Time Positioning (RTP) of accelerator components.