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The Survey and Alignment group at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has relied upon the MS-Dos program Geonet, originally developed at Stanford Linear Accelerator, as its central data manager. With the Lab decision to standardize using Microsoft Windows NT and now Win 2000 as the platform for PCs, limitations were reached in using Geonet. A program has been developed at Jefferson Lab, JLabGeo to mimic as many of the Geonet functions as possible, while also expanding and enhancing its capabilities. All of the adjustment programs, originally developed by Dr. Ingolf Burstedde, have been revised in order to work with arrays of any size, and operate as console applications in the NT environment. Integrating the use of a central fileserver as both the source of the executable programs and data files also ensures that all workstations are using the most recent data. Work continues on developing JLabGeo, notably the integration of all of our survey data types into a easily retrievable database, and the development of a central repository for beamline information and ideal coordinates.

Some of the future work on JLabGeo is planned to include :
upgraded user interface (borland c++ builder)
use fortran 95 (lahey) to build true window dll's for all the adjustment routines
eliminate dependance on ndp compilers (no longer supported or being developed)

To view some of the features available click on the links that follow. The images are based on a 1999 presentation at the International Accelerator Alignment conference.

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