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ME5000 Field Software

The Kern ME5000 Mekometer is used by the Jefferson Lab Survey and alignment team to establish precision distances. Originally developed by T.W. Copeland-Davis at Stanford Linear Accelerator, the ME5000 software has been revised for compatibility with Windows 2000. A new GUI interface has been created and the program has been converted from GWBasic into C++. Features have been added to allow auto lookup of approximate distances when calibrating established control and maintaining default user data when beginning a new job. The output file format has been maintained for backward compatibility.

ME5000 software is needed to manage data collection for the instrument for a variety of reasons. The program collects and records user, meteorological, and instrument/equipment information. Also, short distance measurement (distances less than 18m) cannot be accomplished without a separate measurement procedure implement through an external program. This software sets up signal interrupt and frequency characteristics necessary for the short measurement procedure . The long distance measurement (20m-8000m) is also managed by the Me5000 software. These measurements do not require approximate distances because at least two minimum occur within the modulator working range, but the software provides an easy platform for data collection. A separate program, MekRed.exe, is used to reduce the Me5000 output file to produce geodetic coordinates.

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