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The development of the PsiLevel program for the Psion Workabout MX handheld computer has provided users a friendly and elegant data collection tool.

Psion software provides a variety of leveling, distance, and direction data collection routines:

PsiLevel :

N3:       Specialized data collection for the Wild N3 leveling instrument.
NA3003:   Data collection through serial communication with the
          Wild NA3003 leveling instrument.
OutLevel: Data collection for standard outdoor level runs.
StickMic: Data collection for precision vertical distances using stick
	  micrometers in conjuction with Me5000 software.
PsiMeas :
Distance Sets:
          A general data collector.  Collects angles and distances
          to points along with relevent meteorological information
          for reduction. Handles communication with Leica TC2002.
Direction Sets: Collects angular measurements and reduces set information
          Handles communication with Leica TC2002, TC3000 theodolites.	

The software, written in OVAL, offers users a straightforward set of visual components to facilitate data entry. Scroll boxes, Buttons, and Message Boxes can be used to select options and hot keys are readily available for all buttons used in the application. Closure totals are calculated at the end of each job and reported both to the screen and appended to data files. The data files contain all relevant information for each job including crew information, date, time, rods, measurements, and closure totals. Data can be easily transferred to and from the Psion handheld through the Workabout Docking Station using eConnect software. Once installed the connection between the docking station and the computer can be accessed through windows explorer as if it were just another drive on the computer.