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Vacuum and Installation Group

The group is responsible for installing and maintaining vacuum components, beamlines, girders, beam dumps, Low Conductivity Water (LCW) systems, nitrogen, air and argon gas lines, and magnets. Many of the components required for installation are fabricated by the group; including beampipes, stands, brackets, etc.

The group also maintains an available spares inventory for Accelerator components, such as Ion pumps, Fast and Slow VAT valves, solenoids, cold cathode gauge tubes, hardware, filters, and Cryomodule parts as well. Equipment used and maintained by the group includes forklifts, welders, turbo-molecular pumps, scroll pumps, welding machines, roughing pumps and a variety of leak detectors.

Our goal is to provide professional an dtimely service to our customers. Our main customers include the main accelerator (CEBAF), Experimental Halls A, B, and C, the Test Lab and the Free Electron Laser (FEL).

The Vacuum/Installation Group is ON CALL 24/7 to handle any Vacuum/Installation related emergency in the Accelerator, Halls, Test Lab, and FEL.

Vacuum Group ELOG

Installation Group ELOG

InsVacTL (Installation and Vacuum Group version Task List)

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