Radio Frequency Group (RF)

The RF Group is responsible for hundreds of Radio Frequency (RF) systems used in the accelerator.  Power levels range from fractions of a watt to 100,000 watts in systems powered from as low 3.3 volts to as high as 35,000 volts.  These purpose-designed systems in most cases have been engineered, built, installed, and are maintained by RF Group.  

RF systems are critical to the operation of the Accelerator and are used to increase the energy of the electron beam to the high levels required by CEBAF’s physics community in support of it's programs and experiments.  RF must be controlled with high precision to provide tight beam control.

RF Personnel

Supervisory Organization Chart
Essential Personnel
Design Authority List

Engineering Work Requests (Service Request and Problem Solving)

Below are pictures of some of the RF systems used at Jefferson Lab. Click any image for a larger view along with additional information.

Pair of Field Control Chassis
Field Control Chassis
13 kW Klystrons & Waveguide
8 kW Klystron