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Pressure Systems

In response to DOE 10CFR851 JLab formed a Pressure System Committee to define the Lab's policies and procedures and “ensure that pressure systems are designed, fabricated, tested, inspected, maintained, repaired, and operated by trained and qualified personnel in accordance with applicable and sound engineering principles.”

Pressure Systems are defined as:

  • any combination of vessels, piping, instrumentation (e.g. gauges), and/or equipment (e.g. pumps or compressors) either containing a fluid under internal pressure or exposed to external fluid pressure.  Note that vacuum systems are a subclass of pressure systems.

The Pressure Systems Committee membership is:

  • Target Group Engineering Physicist (Dave Meekins, Chair, ext. 5434)
  • Engineering Mechanical Engineer (Joseph Lamont, ext. 7260)
  • Cryogenic Systems Engineer (Nate Laverdure, ext. 6260)
  • Superconducting Radio Frequency Structures QA/CI Engineer (Jacob Harris, ext. 7193)
  • Environment, Safety and Health Representative (Chad Bailey, ext. 7052)
  • Facilities Management Engineer (Carroll Jones, ext. 7672)
  • Experimental Hall Engineer (Timothy Whitlatch, ext. 5087)
  • Performance Assurance Representative (Steve Smith, ext. 7007)
  • Welding Program Manager (Jenord Alston, ext. 5859)
  • and other technical experts as appointed by the chairperson

ES&H Manual 6151

Pressure and Vacuum Systems Safety Supplement

Welding and Brazing Program Supplement


JLab employees who need to take the following Pressure and Vacuum Systems training must attend the classroom course in order to receive credit. The instructor led trainings are scheduled regularly through the online Learning Management System (LMS)

SAF130A, Pressure and Vacuum Systems Hazard Awareness

SAF130B, Design Authority Training

SAF130C, System Owner Training

Additional Information:

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Pressure Systems Forms

  • PS-1 Pressure System Project Cover Sheet - pdf | docx
  • PS-2 Overpressure by System Design Approval - pdf | docx
  • PS-3 Technical/Peer Review Record - pdf | docx
  • PS-4 Pressure Vessel Registration - pdf | docx
  • PS-5 Pressure Relief Device Data Sheet - pdf | docx
  • PS-6 Final Mechanical Examination - pdf | docx
  • PS-7 Pressure/Leak Test Record - pdf | docx
  • PS-8 Final System Walkthrough and Documentation Review - pdf | docx
  • PS-9 Pressure System Turnover - pdf | docx
  • PS-10 Pressure System Equipment In-Service Inspection Data Sheet - pdf | docx
  • PS-11 Vessel In-Service Inspection (controlled by Jenard Alston)
  • PS-12 Pressure Relief Device Testing and Inspection Data Sheet - pdf | docx