• Cryogenics plant


Jefferson Lab’s Engineering Division provides technical services to the entire lab to support ongoing accelerator operations and other lab initiatives. Primary services include mechanical, cryogenic and electrical engineering, as well as design and fabrication. The division also handles the unique support areas of survey and alignment, document control, magnetic measurements and machine shop services and supports the lab's core competencies of cryomodule design and cryogenics.

Division Office:

Daily Work Schedule: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  • Will Oren, Engineering Division Manager                       
    12/C229 , (757) 269-7344, oren@jlab.org
  • Tim Michalski, Engineering Division Deputy
    55/2555, (757) 269-6523, michalsk@jlab.org

Human Resources Appraisal System
      Effective Appraisal Training, October 2016

Emergency Phone Tree (authorized users only)

Pre-Scheduled Accelerator Down (SAD) Meeting Final September 5, 2019

Engineering Departmental All Hands Meeting February 26/27, 2020

A pressure system is defined as any combination of vessels, piping, instrumentation (e.g. gauges), and/or equipment (e.g. pumps or compressors) either containing a fluid under internal pressure or exposed to external fluid pressure. Additionally, vacuum systems are a subclass of pressure systems. Click the link to learn more about Jefferson Lab’s Pressure Systems program.