Radiation Review Panel


Committee Members



Experimental Nuclear Physics Douglas Higinbotham, Chair x 7851
Radiation Control Department* Keith Welch, Manager x 7212
  Adam Stavola, Deputy Manager x 6806
  David Hamlette, Group Leader x7219
ES&H Division Nicole Reyes, Secretary x 7712
Engineering Neil Wilson x 7265
Chief Information Office Brent Morris x 7036
Facilities Management & Logistics Carroll Jones x 7672
User Group Charles Hyde, ODU  
Accelerator Operability Leader Shawn Frierson x 7296
Accelerator Operator Jacob Blackshaw  x 5080
* Ex officio/ one vote    



The Jefferson Lab Radiation Review Panel (JRRP) proactively serves to advise the Radiation Control Department (RadCon or RCD) and senior management on matters of radiation safety. The Panel reviews, comments on, and recommends approval of documentation for signature by the TJNAF Director and Associate Directors (as applicable), thereby supporting policy and procedures for operational radiological safety.

The JRRP is responsible for reviewing ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) Program activities, training, and reports; conducting critiques on deficiencies and proficiencies in radiation control activities; reviewing plans for first-time or infrequent activities and changes of scope; and, reviewing recommendations from RadCon. The JRRP shall make recommendations to the Director's Safety Council, senior management, and/or to those responsible for conducting programs regarding the aforementioned items.

Panel membership consists of nominated staff members and on-site users, & shall include members from the groups noted in the table [above].... Included is the current list of members and the group they represent.

Panel members are nominated by their Associate Director or Division Manager and appointed by the Laboratory Director for a two-year term (members can be re-nominated and re-appointed). A User, appointed by the User Group Board of Directors, shall sit on the JRRP as well. As appropriate, the Laboratory Director may designate other members.

The JRRP will meet at least semi-annually, usually [one] month after personnel dosimetry results are received.  Meetings are open and Panel members are welcome to invite guests to contribute to the Panel's discussions.  If a member cannot attend a meeting, it is highly encouraged that a surrogate represent them for the meeting. While consensus is desirable, if a vote is called, each panel member or surrogate will have one vote with majority rule. The Chair shall ensure that meeting minutes are recorded and forwarded to the Director's Safety Council in a timely fashion.