Emergency Equipment Boxes

Emergency Equipment Boxes filled with emergency equipment are positioned in four locations on site. The equipment in the boxes is for use when responding to or preventing a life-threatening or environmental emergency. A box may be moved to wherever it is needed. The normal locations and custodians of the boxes are:

The boxes are medium-blue, 30-gallon trash cans. In addition to the blue trash can, the MCC has a black plastic steamer trunk to stock extra items. Each box has a seal that is easily broken. A broken seal lets the custodian know that the box has been entered. If you use anything in an emergency box, you should:

Emergency Box Inventory

  • Building 85 (MCC) in the control room - MCC Safety Warden
  • Building 90 (EEL) near the west wall in the high bay - Bert Manzlak - x7556
  • Building 58 (Test Lab) outside room 1137 - Tina Menefee - x5490
  • Building 97,(Counting House) on first floor- Counting House Safety Warden
  • Return items that are reusable when you are done
  • Note on the inventory sheet what you took and did not return
  • Return the box to where you found it
  • Tell the custodian that you opened the box and what needs to be replaced


Contact: Tina Menefee (Menefee@jlab.org)

Updated: October 2014