Green Team

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) Green Team serves as the integrator for planning, sharing and reporting on the performance of the TJNAF Environmental Management System (EMS).  The EMS is implemented through a robust set of policies, procedures and training (operational controls) that identifies and leverages opportunities to positively manage our activities and services’ impacts on the environment.


The Green Team consists of numerous Subject Matter Experts (SME) with recognized expertise or authority in a particular functional area, and representatives from the Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO).  The Jefferson Science Associates ES&H Department Manager or their designee chairs the Green Team.


The Green Team:

  1. Determines the scope of the environmental management system.
  2. Identifies and understands the needs and expectations of interested parties.
  3. Executes the planning elements outlined in the EMS Program Description.
  4. Tracks progress towards EMS objectives and helps to remove organizational barriers when possible.
  5. Provides EMS performance information to TJNAF senior management and acts on feedback.


The Green Team meets quarterly to review existing and newly identify environmental aspects; selects those that are significant; and develops objectives to reduce risk, close compliance gaps and take advantage of opportunities.  The team also executes activities required by the EMS Program Description not covered in other operational control documents.  Recommendations and requests for additional resources are presented to the Associate Director of Environment, Safety, and Health for evaluation.