Training Expiration

Expired Training

All qualifications expire on the calendar date, two years from the date of the last training completion.  The maximum allowable extension of your qualification is 30 days, at your supervisor's written request.

If you are a Radiation Worker, possession of a dosimeter does not authorize you to enter RCAs once your training has expired. Reminders of upcoming training expiration are provided if the training is a part of your required qualifications.  However, the responsibility for maintaining training qualification rests with the employee and his/her supervisor.  If you are a Radiation Worker and your training expires, the following things will occur:

  • Your authorization to enter RCAs is immediately revoked.
  • Your dosimeter will be pulled, and will not be reissued unless your supervisor requests an administrative extension of your training OR you take the RW-I exam.
  • If your dosimeter has been pulled, you will need to retrieve it from the Dosimetry Office. Contact Becky Mosbrucker or 757-269-7236.

If you have any questions regarding radiation training, please contact Adam Stavola at 757-269-6806.