Radcon Training - RWII

Radiation Worker II (RW-II) Training Options

Persons whose work may involve entry into Contamination Areas need the Radiation Worker-II qualification.  You must have the RW-I qualification before taking the RW-II class/exam. 

RW-II Study Guide

You may download the Radiation Worker II study guide here.  However, to receive your RW-II qualification, you must take the exam and pass the practical factors exercise.

Renewal of RW-II

To renew your RW-II qualification you simply need to review the RW-II study guide then re-take the exam.  You can schedule an appointment by using our new booking tool.  The test will be held in the ESH Building, Bldg. 52.  Booking tool is located here:


Classroom Training

The Radiation Worker II first time qualification is normally obtained through classroom training.  You must already be RW-I qualified to take this class.  You must sign up in advance by emailing radcon_train@jlab.org.  An exam and practical factors exercise will be scheduled at the end of the class.