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Welcome to Jefferson Lab


All Users need to make sure they have access to be onsite before they try to take a RWI/II test.  This means they have been approved to be onsite - not just applied to be onsite.  Contact your sponsor or the JRIS department if you are unclear of your status.  The JRIS contact is

The ULO accepts walk-ins for testing - RadCon does not.  The ULO email address is:  

Practicals, however, are still managed by appointments only through our new booking tool. The practicals are handled in our office in the ESH Bldg. (Bldg 52). 

Rad Worker Training Requirements for Users

If it is determined that you will need RW-I qualifications (your Sponsor will decide this), you will need to:


If you are a User at Jefferson Lab, you should visit the ULO website to get all the information you will need to visit the lab.