Radiation Generating Devices

Radiographic Examination and Acceptance Testing (RT) Procedure

Requirements to bring RGDs (Radiation Generating Devices) or Soil Density Gauges on Jefferson Lab property

  1. JLAB SOTR should set an appointment with the RadCon Operations Manager (David Hamlette, 757-876-1743) to arrange a time for the Vendor to be onsite.
  2. Vendor should contact RadCon Operations Group Manager (David Hamlette, 757-876-1743) to schedule a day/time of their impending arrival. This call should be made AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.
  3. Vendor should read the Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. Vendor should fax/email the following documents before arriving on site (fax 757-269-6050; email:hamlette@jlab.org):
    • Calibration record of the instrument being used
    • Up-to-date training report (Radiation Worker I training and training on the specific instrument) of the equipment operator
    • Up-to-date dose history record
  5. All documents should be complete and up-to-date or the work will need to be rescheduled.
  6. Once they are on site:
    • Vendor will need to read and electronically sign the Jefferson Lab Radiological Work Permit for use with RGDs/Soil Density Gauges
    • Meet with a technician and/or the Operations Group Manager to discuss their work plan and to inspect their equipment
    • Bring their own dosimetry. They will also be issued dosimetry from JLAB while they are here.