APS Physics April Meeting

The APS April Meeting will take place virtually on 17-20 April 2021 [https://april.aps.org] and we are writing to invite you to attend and submit abstracts to sessions organized by the Topical Group on Hadronic Physics (GHP). The GHP is hosting three invited sessions, two mini-symposia, and several contributed sessions.

The deadline for abstract submission is 8 January 2021. Abstracts are submitted at the meeting website, where you will have the opportunity to choose the appropriate session.

The invited sessions are titled:

Highlights from the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV Program
RHIC Beam Energy Scan II and the QCD Critical Point (joint with DNP)
Electron-Ion Collider and Hadronic Physics (joint with DNP)

where each of these sessions has three speakers. Associated with these invited sessions are two mini-symposia:

E08. Mini-Symposium: Early Science Results from Jefferson Lab 12 GeV Program
E09. Mini-Symposium: Results from RHIC Beam Energy Scan II

with each mini-symposium having one invited speaker followed by contributed talks. Finally, the GHP has seven sorting categories for contributed talks:

E01. Hadronic Physics: General
E02. Light Mesons and Baryons
E03. Heavy Flavor Hadrons
E04. Hadron Spectroscopy and Exotics
E05. Nucleon Structure and Nucleon Spin
E06. QCD and Short Range Effects in Nuclei
E07. Partonic Structure of Nuclei

We invite you to submit one or more abstracts to the mini-symposia and/or sorting categories that are of interest to you.

Immediately preceding the APS April Meeting, the GHP is also organizing its biennial meeting: https://indico.jlab.org/e/ghp2021

which we also invite you to participate in. If you have any questions about the GHP sessions at APS April Meeting 2021, or the GHP biennial meeting, please send an email to ghp2021@anl.gov.

The GHP Program Committee for APS April Meeting 2021 is:

Ian Cloët (ANL) (chair)
Lamiaa El Fassi (Mississippi State University)
Dave Gaskell (Jefferson Lab)
Matthew Sievert (New Mexico State University)
Richard Trotta (The Catholic University of America)
Ramona Vogt (LLNL & UC Davis)

Event Date:

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