Science and Instrumentation of the Second Interaction Region for the EIC

We invite you to participate in the first meeting on the Science and Instrumentation of the Second Interaction Region for the EIC, co-hosted by Argonne National Laboratory and the Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science. The workshop takes place remotely on March 17-19, 2021. If you are interested in participating, please register at:

Participation will be via Zoom, and all registered participants will receive the meeting invite and password via email.

The workshop series' scientific goal is to examine the performance of the EIC when operating two differently optimized interaction regions in terms of the scientific impact. The primary interaction region will be optimized for high-luminosity operation at high center-of-mass energy (100 GeV or more) to cover the entire EIC scientific scope summarized in the EIC White Paper and endorsed by the National Academy Consensus report. Current studies indicate that the high CME IR design results in a lower luminosity at the low-to-medium energy ranges (30-60 GeV). A complementary second interaction region, optimized to boost luminosity and interaction rates at the lower center of mass energies, can expand the EIC's scientific reach. This first meeting will bring together experts in the field to develop the science and instrumentation of such a second interaction region.

We look forward to your participation.

Local Organizing Committee (Argonne)
Whitney Armstrong, Chao Peng, Ian Cloet, Jihee Kim, Sylvester Joosten, Zein-Eddine Meziani

Organizing Committee
V. Burkert (JLab), M. Contalbrigo (Ferrara), A. Deshpande (CFNS, SBU/BNL), L. Elouadrhiri (JLab), H. Gao (Duke), B. Jacak (UCB/LBNL), R. Milner (MIT), F. Sabatie (Saclay/CEA), T. Satogata (JLab), B. Surrow (Temple)

Event Date:

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