2022 EIC UG Meeting Early Career Workshop

We are pleased to announce the 2022 EIC UG Meeting Early Career workshop. This event, dedicated to students and postdocs but open to everyone, will take place on July 24-25, 2021, at Stony Brook University in NY, USA and will be hosted by the Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science (CFNS).

The objectives of the workshop are as follows

  • Increase the visibility of EIC-related contributions from students and postdocs.
  • Offer a platform to students and postdocs to connect and exchange knowledge.
  • Provide a platform to present and discuss EIC physics, detector, and accelerator science ahead of the User group meeting.

Registration is now open at the workshop indico page: https://indico.jlab.org/event/485/

The workshop will be held in hybrid mode. There is a registration fee associated with in-person participation. See further detail on registration page: https://indico.jlab.org/event/485/page/274-registration-guide

For each of the two days, the program starts at 8:30am and ending at 16:00 EDT. There will be contributed and invited presentations to introduce and clarify various aspects of the EIC project. Please note that the event is open to anyone within the community.

To be eligible to present at the workshop please register and submit a short abstract by July 15th (through the indico registration page), the presenter must hold a student or a postdoc status at the time of the workshop. We would like to emphasize that the Early Career Workshop and EIC UG Meeting are organized separately, presenting at both events are encouraged and won't result in conflict.

Please mark your calendars, and do not hesitate to contact us (eic_early_career_2022@googlegroups.com) if you are interested in contributing with a talk or participating.

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