Theory Seminar - Ivan Burbano

On Monday, Feb. 12, at 1 p.m., Ivan Burbano of U.C. Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will present "Loop-String-Hadron on a Maximal Tree: A Tale of Gauge Invariance & Flowers" in CEBAF Center rm. F113 and via Zoom.

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Abstract: Lattice QCD has already been a useful resource in the exploration of the non-perturbative aspects of QCD. Quantum computers could potentially further allow us to use the lattice in order to more directly probe its associated real-time dynamics. A difficulty in this endeavor is that, due to gauge "symmetry," the naive Hilbert space of the theory is too big with only a subspace of it being physical. A maximal tree gauge-fixing approach has been proposed in order to directly codify the physical degrees of freedom at the expense of locality. In this talk, we will examine this approach through the lens of the Loop-String-Hadron formulation for SU(2) Yang-Mills theory. Particularly, we will highlight the different roles the resulting quantum numbers would play in a near-continuum quantum simulation.

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